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Supply chain visibility

Warehouse tracking & monitoring 

Supply chain visibility, logistics, inventory, warehouse tracking software solutions

Digital transformation is here to stay and it is no different in the supply chain, logistics, and transport industry in Africa and the Asia Pacific regions. Customers want the best of services at the lowest costs. They want to be empowered with information about the valuable cargo you have been entrusted to transport. Factories and distribution centers need real-time information on cargo movement to feed their production and sales requirements to improve supply chain visibility using warehouse tracking solutions. Welcome to Logistics 2.0 !!   Our next-generation logistics management software enables fleet & cargo tracking tags, 2G & 4G enabled remote tracking of inventory for modernizing supply chain visibility from the seaport to logistics yard and the final delivery destination.  

  • Reduce the costs associated with a truck and consignment claims.
  • Improve efficiency in the logistics yard.
  • Offer logistics self-service portal to your customers
  • Reduce the cost of business back-office operations.
  • Ascertain the location of your trucks and valuable cargo
  • Understand the operating environment under which the goods are transported.

Affordable supply chain visibility solutions

  • Implement just in time inventory management
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • No wiring needed to set up the infrastructure
  • Easy to deploy and commission
inventory Tracking in logistics supply chain visibility

With the advent of wireless Bluetooth mesh sensors that run on batteries for years, Logistics cargo and warehouse tracking technology have now become within the budget reach of small and mid-sized transport, logistics, and supply chain management companies. 

By implementing our warehouse tracking and monitoring technology, supply chain, transport, and logistics companies can provide value-added services to customers to move up the value chain and offer premium services.

  • The battery life of 10 years with hourly transmission
  • Integrated with Ripples-FMS, a cloud-enabled Freight Logistics Software
  • Water, dust, and tamper-proof tracking tags for logistics
  • Track pallets, trolleys, consignments, inward and outward movement of cargo
  • Manage the workflow of trucks and the workforce in the logistics yard.
GSM solutions for supply chain monitoring

2G / 4G SIM-enabled modules now allow cargo / individual pallets loaded inside trucks and containers to be tracked & monitored at a scheduled basis – whether being dispatched by surface transport or ship.

  • Tracking raw materials & finished goods – pallets, prefabricated, etc
  • Easily locate goods inside a warehouse
  • In transit tracking – reducing theft and abuse of cargo
  • Global tracking of goods inside shipping containers
  • Indoor tracking for warehouses, factories
  • Outdoor tracking for logistics yards
  • GPS location for outdoor dispatch monitoring
  • Track the location of pallets within the logistics yard
  • Monitor transit of pallets from the warehouse to distribution & retail centers
  • Use of GSM technology for tracking of fleet and cargo across geographies

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Freight Invoice Management: Why is it crucial?

Ripples-FMS - Freight Invoice Management software for logistics, freight forwarding in Africa

Freight Invoice Management

Freight invoice management plays a big part in maintaining a smooth carrier-shipper relationship. As a trusted logistics platform provider for leading freight forwarding companies across Africa and India, we can ensure on-time preparation of invoicing & reduce accounts receivables. Our digital transformation team at Ripples-FMS gives importance to an efficient payment, expense, and invoice management module while designing the application. 

So what does an efficient freight invoice management system do besides handling the day to day logistics operations and transportation expenses? What should be the advantages a logistics software must have? Can it manage demurrage charges?

For starters, it would improve the productivity of your accountants and improve the clarity of the overall carrier invoice requirements. It should also help in curbing high logistics costs that are generally increased by the day. Freight invoices are generally considered a complex workflow thanks to its various internal linkages of logistics operations, and a high chance of calculation errors. The need of the hour is a fully automated transportation cost optimization logistics software.

Challenges in logistics & transportation expenses

Let us throw some light on the issues and concerns that are faced by transportation and logistics companies over expense and invoice management.  The topmost priority for any software should be the automatic calculation of income and expenses. This should eliminate any errors from the user-level to generate timely & accurate invoices.

Also, there should be a multiple level verification that should ensure that no manipulations are being done. The application users should have the access rights to capture complete order details which will automatically calculate the expense and income.

Streamline your process

Regular e-mail alerts should be provided on pending expenses approval and trips to be invoiced. The standard expenses can be easily configured by top management and standard rates must be fixed accordingly.  

Overall the application should streamline complex invoice management procedures and identify any incorrect payment transactions.

Freight Invoice Management logistics software demurrage

In Ripples-FMS we have an in-built freight invoice management module for capturing all logistics costs against an invoice, managing demurrage and losses, various reporting and alerting options on financial irregularities, etc.

So if you are on the lookout for efficient billing & invoicing software with expense tracking, centralized logistics operations, please contact us for an online demo and business consultation.

Solution for TCM Transportes, Mozambique

We were recently approached by TCM Transportes, Mozambique to build a total logistics management ERP solution. The client has more than 200 trucks in their fleet and mainly operates across the eastern, central, and southern parts of Africa.  Our team spent a few days at the client’s premises in Mozambique to do understand their work process in detail and studied some of their pain-points in detail. The client wanted a ready to deploy a fleet management solution.  

mozambique fleet management solution logistics management ERP

One of their major concerns regarding logistics and transportation management was the lack of accurate and timely information reaching the main office. Irregular delivery time, high logistics costs, delays in processing, careless handling of cargos, inaccurate invoice management, etc. were some of the pain points that they were facing in the overall management process. Keeping track of everything simultaneously became a great challenge for the administrators and the need of the hour was an integrated logistics management solution. The proposed solution should manage HR, operations, finance, and inventory modules. Since they had branches across many countries in Africa, the client was on the look-out for a web browser based solution.

Ripples-FMS: Logistics Management ERP

Being in the transportation and logistics industry in Africa for close to a decade now, we are familiar with the tricks and trades of the industry and the region. We have seen companies use spreadsheets for managing their data, and here is why we thought it was not such a good practice. We have designed and developed a cloud-based fleet management solution for a leading logistics provider in Mozambique that addressed their various management and administrative issues. We already have a dedicated on-site team of developers, project managers to support and aid the client’s team.

We developed an integrated logistics and transportation management solution which was completely scalable according to the client’s requirements. All the freight logistics modules, including human resources with payroll management, stock control & inventory management, financial management, warehouse management, vehicle performance, and driver behavior correlation, etc addressed the client’s pain points. Completely designed and developed in Python’s Django framework, the application supported multiple browsers and could be accessed via an encrypted password through any of their branches. Presently the application is hosted in the client’s own head office server although in the future can be moved to cloud-based platforms without any issues.

The management was able to track cargo shortages, pilferage, and damages caused due to careless handling.  Truck-wise, trip-wise, P&L, invoice reports, etc. provided great insights into the company’s daily operations.

Logistics Management ERP: Key Benefits & Features
  • Integrated logistics operations
  • Accurate and timely information
  • Reduce the cost of operations
  • Proper Invoicing and financial accounting
  • Multi-branch, Multi-currency support
  • Insights on warehouse inventory levels
  • To-Do alerts and notifications

Training @ TCM

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Ripples-FMS can combine the power of IoT and the effectiveness of logistics management ERP to create a smart and connected supply chain for a leading logistics company like yours. Our dedicated team in Africa can come to your premises, do a system study, and identify the best possible solution for your company. You can learn more about freight logistics software. To reach us for a free consultation or live demo of our advanced logistics and transportation management solution.

Warehouse Inventory tracking

Warehouse inventory tracking, warehouse indoor tracking

Warehouse inventory, productivity & efficiency
  • Locate inventory within warehouse with 2.5 metre accuracy
  • Divide warehouse area into multiple zones
  • Analyse time spent in each zones
  • Define key performance matrices based on time spent
  • Improve space utilisation and unloading functions
With the help of low cost Bluetooth sensor tags attached to pallets or cargo loaded inside trucks and stored at warehouses, the tags will ensure and automatic warehouse inventory count and give a report on their presence with 5 metre accuracy using our Indoor inventory tracking kit  The details will be available in our logistics ERP software, which can be a helpful measure to count the stock level at every touch-point – from dispatch to transit and delivery.

Our logistics software will help in reducing wrong shipments and the theft of valuable cargo in developing countries, besides monitoring temperature, humidity and other environmental aspects of valuable cargo. Warehouse inventory tracking solution can help in pallet tracking inside production areas

Monitoring cargo across multiple warehouses

We will install low powered Bluetooth devices at each of your warehouses or transit centers and the gateway to which a Bluetooth tag reports to, indicates which warehouse location the cargo or pallet is associated with.

Grouping of these inventory counts will help in understanding the overall stock position through our logistics software.

This process will save cost in inspection, reduce insurance claims, avoid mishandling of cargo packets,  helps ease inventory counting and, also reduce the efforts involved in warehouse logistics tracking.

Hired Equipment at logistics yards

Monitoring cargo, equipment, and inventory entering leaving the logistics yard based upon whether it is in range of our gateway or not. Sometimes high-value equipment is put to continuous use without proper maintenance, which leads to frequent breakdowns or lack of scheduled repairs and replacement of consumables.

Warehouse Pallet location tracking

Knowing where pallets were dropped off and by which truck or container. The truck will contain a 4G SIM powered gateway device, and when the tag attached to the consignment is ‘lost’ (out of range of the gateway) – the pallet has been dropped off at this delivery location. Or on a worse case, either a pallet is stolen or misplaced in warehouse inventory tracking.

Truck entry and exit in logistics yards

Automatic scanning of pallets loaded onto the truck at the logistics yards is possible through logistics software. Our battery-powered gateway device would be attached to the truck and a Bluetooth tag on each pallet. This can work with owned and hired  / contract trucks without the need for any wiring.

Driver tracking within the yard

Sometimes the driver associated with your truck can be found missing. Tracking of the driver within the logistics yard can help in audit and reporting.

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Addressing high logistics costs

Logistics management system

logistics management software 1

The overall logistics and transportation costs of operations in Africa remain substantially higher than the rest of the world. Though there are lots of factors affecting this surge, most studies point out to the infrastructure and governance issues as the main reason. We can’t deny the fact that logistics management system issues are neglected generally by the governments though it is a critical component of economic development in their countries. The need for efficient logistics management software by a leading ERP software provider is more than ever before

In the Eastern and Southern parts of Africa, transportation and freight costs are pretty much on the higher side thanks to the poor road infrastructures, storage facilities, lack of proper management techniques, poor payment procedures, etc.  The situation
gets worse in landlocked countries where the transportation costs account for
nearly 3/4th of the total export value.

What we saw

As a logistics ERP software provider in Africa, we are well aware of the problems that account for high logistics operational costs in the region. One of the most important issues they face is the efficient usage and management of trucks based on the multiple legs scheduling. In short, there was a need for efficient operational control in overall management procedures. 

Often there is no centralized point to communicate between the branches about truck and consignment status. Another most noteworthy issue is the tracking of empty legs with its kilometers.

logistics management software 2

Most of the present fleet management software does not provide real-time fleet tracking, condition monitoring or inventory management in one package. This includes proper checking of the vehicle condition like tire life capacity, tire inspection, etc. Proper alerting systems are also not offered by such a logistics management system to check the expiry of dues, insurance, and permits. Details such as demurrage expenses and consignment delays are also not reaching the management levels. Proper validations must be done to ensure the empty containers drop off done properly to avoid the unwanted demurrages to shipping lines.

Ripples FMS Logistics Management  Software

Effective logistics automation software like Ripples-FMS can solve most of the above-mentioned problems in the supply-chain and transportation industry. Supply chain management has become even more much transparent after the entry of wireless sensor devices in the transportation and logistics sectors.  Please let us know if you need a free consultation on how to curb your operational & transportation costs in the supply chain.

Logistics automation software

Optimizing logistics resources

Logistics automation software for fleet, warehouse optimisation

Ripples FMS – An innovative logistics automation and monitoring solution, with integrated smart sensors and data analytics to help improve fleet tracking, yard monitoring, inventory management security and compliance
Our logistics ERP software, devices, and dashboard are ready for quick deployment inside warehouses, trucks, shipment containers, and small cargo pallets. The transmitted or logged data can be monitored with the help of fixed or mobile readers installed on trucks, containers, customer locations or warehouses. We provide the best logistics software in Asia-Pacific, Africa regions.

Logistics Automation: Features & Benefits
  • Information on indoor location, movement of people, material in and out
  • Track movement of forklift between storage bays for people safety
  • Allow suppliers & customers to track the condition of cargo to the endpoint
  • Enable customers to track the location & environment of shipment
  • Auto check-in and check out of trucks and equipment at warehouse
  • SMS alerts on truck arrival/departure status
  • Share relevant information with suppliers, partners
Why Ripples-FMS for logistics automation?
  • Product proven, tried, tested and highly configurable to suit most needs
  • Cost-effective when compared to traditional inventory tracking solutions
  • Absolutely no wiring or infrastructure costs involved.
  • 15+ years of domain knowledge in the supply chain logistics industry
  • Integrating award-winning tracking devices design in Europe
  • Training and implementation services worldwide
  • Data logging platform and IoT sensor device integration
  • 24-hour support worldwide using remote connectivity tools

The logistics automation parameters, generated in real-time will transmit operating parameters that can be accessed from our IoT platform for logistics on a secure server environment – choice of cloud or on-premise model. For e.g, your supplier at the production house or operations can monitor the arrival, departure timings while at dispatch and transit. This helps in improved logistics for long term construction projects

Warehouse and yard monitoring

Integrating the logistics solution in warehousing and logistics yards can also help you share excess capacity information within your business cluster or keeping track of spare parts and high-value inventory at the warehouse.  Monitoring of key equipment such as chillers, storage racks, air quality, visitor tracking, forklift movement alerts, approaching crane alert and regulatory compliance for workplace safety.

Call for more information on our IOT platform enabled  Logistics optimisation and logistics automation tools, fleet tracking solutions and data analytics for warehousing, transportation, logistics & supply chain industries.

Technology in logistics

Outdoor cargo movement & tracking

Cellular IOT, customer portal, internet age logistics, advanced logistics solutions, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Rwanda, Angola, Zambia, Ghana Cargo tracking
2G / 4G Enabled sensor devices for cargo monitoring & tracking

If you’re in the logistics & transportation or import & export business, you know that preparation is crucial for success. The internet age is reshaping the way the transport industry functions; which is a good thing because the industry can benefit from new technology, better efficiency, and transparency. Cargo shipping companies have embraced the technology of the internet of things, whether it is air or sea freight, warehousing, or delivery. Specific applications and 3G / 4G sensor devices are available that enable real-time tracking of the goods being transported, optimization of warehouse capacity, maintenance of assets like vehicles, optimization of routes, better last-mile delivery, and a whole lot more. A full-fledged customer portal is also available for cargo tracking and document handling purposes

Logistics providers who move goods by land, air or sea need quick, real-time information to make decisions that will help them in the timely and safe delivery of their cargo. The use of the IOT platform for logistics is very valuable now, because of its ability to provide precise information, enhanced customer service, information sharing, location tracking and so on.


The customer portal module of Ripples-FMS integrates wireless sensor devices for warehouse monitoring and truck cargo tracking. This helps improve the visibility aspects of supply chain logistics.

3G / 4G tracking in Logistics


Thanks to the IOT platform software in logistics, those providing these services are seeing a plethora of opportunities being opened up for them. The embedded sensors, connected devices, and analytics capability of the software to provide visibility to operators like never before. This is in every process – from operations to finance, and is allowing them to have new sources of value creation.

With greater visibility, cargo shipping operators will be able to leverage the vast database to make quick, efficient decisions that will help them improve their services and provide much more efficient service to their customers.

It must be understood, however, that transport companies who are looking to include the IOT in logistics are likely to face tactical and technical challenges. Organizations will first need to visualize what business problems of theirs and of their customers, IOT applications can resolve. The vision also needs to address the implications of IoT for the strategic position of the company and the ecosystem relationships.

For this, organizations will first need to understand how the internet of things creates value; basically, IoT is all about creating value to the customer – communicating, combining, analyzing, and using information from actual objects ( in this case, transported goods, vehicles) through other objects ( sensors). Hence, the value created by IoT depends on the flow of such information through this system, so they need to ensure that the info flows seamlessly.

Logistics is basically about moving stuff from Place A to Place B, C or D. The chief service elements of transport and logistics are: the things that move, or goods, and things that do the moving – warehouses, vehicles, and the transport network (air, sea, road etc.) Obviously, the value creation depends on the capacity, effectiveness, dependability, manageability and the cost at which the organization can provide the services of warehousing and transporting.

When you as a cargo shipper are able to provide timely, safe, reliable and efficient service to your customer, it is when you provide value. As of now, IoT based tracking solutions help transport and logistics providers do just that, and even improve on these services. Internet age logistics applications can also help monitor the environment, detect threats, trace the location and condition of the products in transit and so on, improving customer service like never before.

Logistics customer portal for self-service

Thus, by increasing visibility substantially, enabling customer self-service and decreasing network complexity, companies are able to provide much better service, cut costs, minimize damage and loss, and eventually increase revenues.

What will the coming years bring – More facilities or challenges? Let’s wait and watch. As of now, there is no doubt the internet of things is completely revolutionizing the cargo shipping industry with the help of Bluetooth sensors, Cellular IOT, and logistics customer portal.

Freight logistics portal

Freight logistics portal

IOT freight logistics portal, Internet of things, smart warehouses, warehouse automation.

Offering state of the art freight logistics management services to customers is imperative for logistics companies to maintain competitive advantage and maintain operational efficiencies to meet the demanding needs of their customers in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Our freight logistics portal can allow users to connect all their operations including  yard management and logistics inventory under one roof.

In transit, theft can be reduced to a great extent by deploying our innovative warehouse and cargo monitoring solutions. Our wireless sensor-enabled logistics management system can help medium and large-sized transport companies and logistics operators save millions through improved utilization of warehouse space, better tracking of cargo dispatch, loading, and transit.

Implementing logistics portal & smart warehouses that track and monitor cargo movement and storage will enhance the competitive advantage of firms in the business of logistics management. The completely wireless solutions are easy to deploy and low on maintenance.

Freight logistics portal solutions

The Industrial internet of things (IOT) integrated cargo tracking & anti-theft solution with data analytics module, real-time data interface, and the smart rule engine will help improve supply chain visibility by enabling complete information into the condition, inventory status, and location of cargo inside warehouses and on every connected vehicle. Use our logistics portal software for new insights delivered through the customer logistics portal

  • Say goodbye to repeated work using excel files in logistics operations
  • Sends alerts on consignment and truck arrival/departure, automatic check-in and check-out at warehouses and yards
  • Collects & analyzes data on the condition & location of cargo, machines & trucks to ensure performance
  • Provides 24/7 support enabled with a data logging platform and sensor integration using remote connectivity tools
  • Shares information on the environment of storage, delivery schedule, parking, traffic with the partners and suppliers
  • Logistics yard monitoring – Arrivals, departure, workforce, driver tracking.
  • Workflow and productivity monitoring in logistics yard
  • Tracking the utilisation of racks in warehouses
  • Pallet and bin monitoring with the layout map
  • Linking the data with customer production and procurement cycles

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