Month: October 2019

Reduce Transit Delays at the border

One of the major pain points that any logistics and transportation industry face in the Africa region is the delay faced in cross-border clearance. They would ideally want to reduce transit delays where possible to improve customer service. Our freight forwarding software solution can help reduce cross-border delay and bring operational excellence in the logistics and transportation industry 

Each cross-border transit is subjected to local and international regulations. Whenever cargo arrives in a particular country, be it for transit or off-loading, there should be a set of regulatory compliance that should be checked and enforced.

Multiple formalities and procedures should be undertaken by importers, traders, freight forwarders, drivers, and clearance agents. These formalities, when done in a correct way help them to smoothly transit their goods at the border check posts.

reduce transit delays

Time: A crucial factor in the logistics & transportation business

If you ask any logistics operation on what is the major difficulty they face in the border crossing, it would be the delays caused due to missing transit-related documents.

This may be due to a mistake from the customer side of the clearing agent. For each country in Africa, their procedure is different and can be lengthy or speedy depending on so many factors. 

Close to 80% of the African trade takes place via road logistics and transportation and that means a long line of waiting for clearance at the border checkpoints.

As for every business, time is more a crucial factor for the transportation sector. The long delays and waiting times compounds a considerable effect in the cross-border trade. Un-predictable delivery times make it difficult for all stakeholders.

Logistics ERP solution helps reduce transit delays

logistics ERP solution

So how does a logistics software solution can help logistics and transportation companies, plan, manage, and reduce transit delays at the border? Every single route can be configured and pre-defined rates can be set based on the number of border check posts, cross-border clearance agents, commodity, tonnage, etc.  Before dispatch, all documents to the clearance agents would be sent via email, and the follow-up process is ensured.

A copy of the required documents is then handed over to the driver. All employee details, including the driver, are stored in the system, details such as visa expiry, license expiry, etc. are pre-notified and cleared. This is to ensure that by the time the truck reaches the border, the clearance agents can do their job thus allowing a smooth transit for the trucks.

cross-border clearance

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SunLine​ Zambia goes live

China is said to be the front-runner in technology and innovation. From your phone to almost every single electronic item that you use in your daily life has a Chinese manufactured component inside it. United Trillions Zambia (UTZ), a division of reputed Chinese group, SunLine International Logistics recently approached us for a logistics software solution to manage their freight management operations. The client wanted a full-fledged ERP installation in a short span of time. 

About the client

logistics software solution

In its 19 years of existence, SunLine has become one of the pioneers in multi-modal transportation & logistics in Asia, South America, and Africa. The group is also a member of FIATA, WCA, CIFA, and BIFFA. In Africa, the company has its Head Quarters in Zambia and has its office presence in Djibouti and Mozambique. They are at their starting phase in Africa and presently operate 100 trucks in their fleet. The company has established its own yard & warehouse as well. Majorly UTZ has acid tankers in their fleet, along with containerized breakbulk transportation in and around the region.

Freight management

Requirement Study & Implementation

When they approached us, the first aspect their operations team enquired was all they could automate all their processes. Most of the operational data were either handled by MS Excel or in physical paper.  As part of its future vision, the company was in search of a software solution that could help them grow as an organization and take it to the next level.  They requested our team to do a detailed system study and gap analysis at their office in Zambia. Ripples-FMS team members traveled to Zambia, spent a few days with their team and submitted a detailed report on where our logistics software could save time and money in their operations. 

Logistics Management

Implementing logistics software solution

ERP installation

We also had detailed discussions with Sun Line’s top management and finally, the project was given a go-ahead signal last month. The freight management project was divided into many phases and the initial phase comprised of “operations module”. Few of our implementation engineers were deployed at the client’s place and the project went live on 30th September 2019 as scheduled. The client was also happy that we were able to execute ERP installation and make the logistics software solution live in a span of one week!!!.

Our Implementation team @ Sunline Logistics
Next Phases

The next phase in our ERP installation consists of the “HR & Training” and “Stores & Workshop” module followed by the “Logistics Management” module. Our team will be stationed in their Zambia office for the coming few months and will be closely working together with their team to ensure the smooth running of our web-based logistics & transportation software. Another day, another happy customer. So, if you are in the lookout for a logistics software solution and more importantly a software system that can be implemented in just a few days, do write to us. You can also now chat with our pre-sales team by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen.