Month: April 2020

Logistics business continuity

When the whole world is coping up with the COVID19 pandemic, it is not wrong to say that the logistics business is among the worst affected. International trade has taken a hit and that has reflected in the supply chain logistics & transportation industry as well. The industry is moving to towards consolidation, eCommerce lead delivery systems and customer experience management needs. Going digital is the need of the hour and those returning to work will need noncontact attendance monitoring systems and solutions to enforce social distancing in your office and logistics yard is the new normal for logistics industry.

In this blog, we would like to highlight on how to ensure logistics business continuity of your logistics & transportation operations during these tough times.

COVID19 logistics business continuity, going digital & enforcing social distancing

Digital Office

Working with ledger books and paper documents are a thing of the past. The world has moved to digital and believes in the concept of a paperless office.

Going digital means, you can allow your customers to access your business processes  anywhere, anytime. Knowing the inventory in warehouses, their arrival and departure timings, the condition in which transportation happens etc.

The movement and location of your trucks, completed trips to be invoiced, tracking missing POD’s, everything can be accessed on a button click.

All required documents to your clearance agent at the border can be sent electronically.

E-Invoices in logistics

Invoice management is one of the top concerns of any logistics company during the COVID19 pandemic. Anticipated invoices, additional costs, credit/debit notes, and many other features should be available online on-demand. Your customers should be able to view and download their invoices from an online platform.

Engage your digital Customers

It would be difficult for your customers to be constantly in touch with your team for getting their required documents and to query the location of their cargo. An online portal with live tracking features and provision for downloading documents such as BL, POD, etc. can help your customers in a big way. You can also provide feedback and complaint registration platform as well for better engagement.

Encourage Social distancing

covid19 logistics business going digital social distancing

During COVID19, use solutions to monitor the different zones in your office and logistics yard so that administrative workers, drivers, and other staffs follow social distancing norms. Non-touch thermal scanners can be installed at all entry and exit points.  Occupancy based sensors can be used to ensure that not too many people are at one place at a given point of time. 

Upgrade your system

It is important to embrace digital technologies to reduce costs through process optimisation. A web enabled customized software system that suits your company. You will have multiple teams spread across various geographical locations. The software should be able to capture all your operations under one roof. Moreover, prefer vendors who give you online implementation, training, and support. Especially in today’s time, it is better to avoid an onsite team at your premises, so a complete implementation over  secured conferencing software should be preferred.

It is a challenging environment for logistics business continuity, but firms need to optimise costs to stay afloat.

If you want to implement a fresh solution at your office or want to identify gaps in your business, give a call to our experts for any kind of assistance.

Assured Customer Support during COVID-19

We wanted to share with our associates and communities how Ripples FMS customer support team is responding to the unfolding COVID-19 situation and helping our clients with business continuity without any disruptions. Sure, these are hard times and the pandemic is continuing to affect people around the world, but the logistics industry is very much functional as it ensures all people get necessities around the world. We salute all logistics providers and their workers who are working tirelessly to ensure the same.

With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, teams everywhere are moving to remote work. Here at Ripples FMS, we are encouraging our team members to work from home as much as possible and our top priority has always been the health & safety of our employees, customers, associates, and communities.

To ensure the business continuity of the customers in this time of adversity is a challenge, especially when the emotional state of all the business is on the downside. During this time of crisis, we believe that the effective functioning of our support department is extremely crucial. At Ripples FMS, we are well prepared to handle a significant and sudden increase in call volumes.

customer support business continuity COVID-19


The number of support tickets our team has handled in the last 10 business days


Support tickets have been resolved by our team in the last 10 business days

During these last two weeks, although we had to suddenly shift to a remote work-from-home model, our support team has handled close to 200 support tickets. More importantly, they have closed nearly 98% of the incoming tickets. In these last fortnight, we had got support tickets in the form of user entry errors, business queries, and change requests. To resolve nearly all the issues and that too when most of our staff are working remotely for the first time deserves a pat on the back. Our clients have also been a great support in these changing times. Apart from our CRM, modern collaboration tools like WhatsApp, WeChat, Zoom, and Skype also have helped connect with clients (and between teams) and solve their concerns in real-time.

 The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put all of us under pressure that we’ve never experienced before, but at Ripples FMS we believe in our strengths and our skills and there is nothing that will keep us away from ensuring our client’s business continuity. Let’s hope the world will be healed soon, till then stay home and stay healthy!!!

East Africa operations

Yogesh Nathan joins as head of East Africa team

Yogesh Nathan, EMA Ripples IoT Pte Ltd

We are delighted to welcome on board, Mr.Yogesh Nathan, a self-starter, with bags of energy, who is always leading the team from the front and who is bold to to take any initiatives when the going gets tough.

He recently joined Ripples IOT Pte Ltd, as a Business Head-MEA. He is a career technology professional in the area of Business Development and General Management with 18 years of experience working on IT (Software and hardware), Telecom and Office Automation products, solutions and services.

Yogesh’s focus will be on supporting new business development opportunities, extending partnerships, and contributing to Ripples IOT growth strategy. He established and maintained relationships with Key Ministries and Government Departments to ensure favourable organizational positioning. He also initiated and managed partnership agreements with key consultants in the Industry thereby augmenting and strengthening the organization’s overall competitive position. He holds a degree in Commerce and a masters degree in Business Administration.

East Africa business operations for logistics, healthcare & industrial automation

We are proud to have such a person who has overseen country operations, undertaken start-up establishment as also commenced ground-up sales operations with different technologies entities in diverse geographies under varying socio-economic and cultural landscapes. He has, in his career had, the opportunity to build, manage and mentor multiple operations teams, including sales teams throughout the years.

His geographical experience spans the markets in the Middle East and African countries namely Oman, Ethiopia, Uganda as well as India. 

Other outstanding achievements as a professional;

  • Succeed in establishing an operational sales footprint with multiple sales win with top corporate houses for Vicisoft in Oman.
  • Established ground up and run the start-up IT/Telecom Solutions Company in tGrove Technologies in Ethiopia.
  • Institutionalized maintenance contracts and outsourcing agreements in the Ethiopian Corporate. 
  • Support landscape resulting in increased service revenues for MFI Trading and Office Solutions by X-times thereof. 
  • Won the 1st Reprographic outsourcing contract for Pixel Digital Systems with a major consultant in UAE 

Mr. Yogesh will be overseeing the business development activities and partner development initiatives in logistics management, healthcare and industrial automation

Call Yogesh  Nathan at +250 781 843 966