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Indoor tracking in warehouses

Indoor tracking System in Warehouses As the pandemic had crawled upon the whole world like a leach, it is leaving behind its marks forever for the entire population of humanity. It wasn’t just the living beings who had to go through the demise of their loved and dear ones, but also the businesses who went […]
25 Aug by Logistics Software

Cost savings with logistics portal

Logistics Customer Portal – generate revenues & cost savings “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” ~ Michael LeBoeuf There is nothing more important than ensuring your customers are satisfied and happy with your service. But achieving the ultimate goal of profit-making cannot be ignored as well. With the Ripples-FMS Customer Portal, you can […]
18 Aug by Logistics Software

Winning customers in logistics

Competitive Advantage, Avoid Risk, Emotions We learned about how you can enhance your customer delivery services while gaining profits in the previous post. But how can it act as a competitive advantage for your company and reduce risk at the same time? We will tell you how! Competitive Advantage  logistics customer Portal software adds to […]
5 Aug by Logistics Software

Freight theft during the Pandemic

“In Martin Scorcese’s classics from ‘The Irishman’ to ‘Goodfellas’, black hats target valuable cargo in freight trailers such as sides of weapons and cigarettes – items one could easily sell at a discount on the black market. In reality, during recent times, anti-socials in African countries went with the same but followed market trends and […]
17 Jul by Logistics Software

Supply chain visibility

Supply chain visibility software  Digital transformation is here to stay and it is no different in the supply chain, logistics, and transport industry in Africa and the Asia Pacific regions. Customers want the best of services at the lowest costs. They want to be empowered with information about the valuable cargo you have been entrusted to […]
16 Jul by Logistics Software

GDPR compliance in logistics

Cybersecurity and GDPR Compliance With the growing digitization all across the world, cyber data has been growing parallelly. With the ongoing pandemic, the number of online transactions has seen a tremendous increase. Over six countries, including Ghana (488%), Bahrain (657%), and Australia (214%), witnessed a rise of double fold in daily online financial transactions as […]
7 Jul by Logistics Software

Geofencing in the logistics industry

The ability to track your fleet anytime and anywhere is of great importance. Especially, if you are shipping high-value and time-bound freights. There is a need to ensure that the fleet involved in such shipping doesn’t move away from a pre-determined trip route.  As a logistics & transportation provider, you may have a lot of […]
5 Jul by Logistics Software

Technology in logistics

Outdoor cargo movement & tracking 2G / 4G Enabled sensor devices for cargo monitoring & tracking If you’re in the logistics & transportation or import & export business, you know that preparation is crucial for success. The internet age is reshaping the way the transport industry functions; which is a good thing because the industry […]
12 Jun by Logistics Software

Logistics Invoice Management

Freight logistics Invoice Management Logistics invoice management software systems play a big part in maintaining a smooth carrier-shipper relationship. As a trusted logistics management software provider for leading freight forwarding companies across Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, we can ensure solutions for on-time preparation of invoicing & reduce accounts receivables. The rapid implementation team at […]
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Logistics customer self service

Freight logistics portal software Deploying a logistics customer self service portal software for supply chain and warehousing is important for companies to maintain a competitive advantage and maintain operational efficiencies to meet the demanding needs of digital savvy customers.. A self service logistics portal can allow users to connect all their operations including yard management […]
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Tyre management

Ripples-FMS Tyre Management Module. Ripples FMS offers a comprehensive Tyre management module that helps to manage and track the tyres of your fleets efficiently. This module provides a detailed overview of the purchases protocols, stock management, tyre performance and tyre usage tracking. It comprises two options, Tyre Module and Tyre Monitoring system which is provided as […]
19 May by Logistics Software

M-Pesa Digital Payments in Logistics

Digital payment systems in the logistics and transportation industry are evolving over time. During the last few years, the concept of “digital wallet” or “e-wallet” has become popular. This is mainly due to the fact that the traditional cash-based payment system or the money transfer system needs a lot of overseeing by the management team. […]
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Warehouse logistics automation

Warehouse digital twin solutions to help in improving space utilization, just in time inventory management, efficient picking, dispatch, storage, safety, and remote monitoring. Helps your logistics company provide enhanced value add services to manufacturing & distribution industries using intelligent inventory management and warehouse performance monitoring solutions. Warehouse Infrastructure monitoring Indoor Air Quality Pressure Temperature & […]
20 Apr by Logistics Software

Fleet Management Software

Fleet management challenges One of the major challenges for any transportation and logistics company is the effective operations management of its owned fleet of trucks, containers & trailers. These days fleet management and truck monitoring are not just limited to vehicle details entry and normal GPS-based tracking. New-age technologies such as vehicle telematics, help transportation […]
9 Apr by Logistics Software

Contactless warehouse

Contactless Operations in the logistics industry What is a contactless Operation? As we look forward to the next normal, consumers are already demonstrating a preference for companies that deliver great service while reducing risks all along the customer journey – mckinsey  Logistics is the industry that required more physical presence to handle the day-to-day operations […]
1 Apr by Logistics Software

Supporting a partnership

JJ Group and Greendoor Group Success story JJ group and Greendoor Group are the leading logistics and transport companies in Southern Africa with 20+ years of experience in cross-border transport and having 2000+ trucks. Our customized FMS solution acts an important role in all their transporters’ day-to-day operations for the past 10 years. In this […]
30 Mar by Logistics Software

Machine learning in logistics

How Machine Learning Helps Freight Management Companies? The introduction of modern and new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and blockchain has transformed the unorganized and fragmented logistics sector. Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. It is seen as a part of artificial intelligence. Let’s look into how machine learning […]
12 Feb by Logistics Software

Making waves in the industry

Our Client TCM Transportes is a major tycoon in the transportation sector in Mozambique. They manage the transportation and delivery of goods to most parts of Africa. They own more than 200 trucks and operate in the eastern, central, and southern parts of Africa mainly. The client came to us with a request to streamline […]
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Accelerated ERP implementation

Our Client United Trillions Zambia (UTZ) is an African division of the reputed Chinese group, SunLine International Logistics. With more than 19 years of experience in the transportation & logistics sector, they are a pioneer in multi-modal operation in the subcontinents of Asia, South America, and Africa. Their African division headquartered in Zambia, with presence […]