Internet of things

IOT in the logistics industry
Ready to deploy wireless solutions for warehouse optimization, cargo tracking, monitoring and location tracking using a mix of technologies that enable supply chain visibility.

However, as this sector is complex because of its numerous actors (producers-platforms-carriers, etc.), some being in the semi and informal sectors, it is not always easy for logistics companies to know where to start: IOT? Artificial intelligence? Drop-shipping? Digital Twin, etc.

In this article, we focus on intelligent connected objects and the positive impact they can have on the supply chain logistics industries globally. Optimizing the flow of high-value goods, asset tracking, anti-theft equipment, discover how Logistics 4.0 platforms and solutions transform logistics supply chain industries through examples of digitalization

Social distancing in warehouses

Indoor positioning for warehouses, Smart logistics, supply chain optimization Implement social distancing in warehouses, logistics yards Locate cargo, pallets, bins & spares inventory items easily. Improve internal efficiency in warehouses Track the movement of pallets and bins within the distribution network Take warehouse inventory count in each zone with 5-meter accuracy Reduce the possibility of …

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IOT logistics platform

Warehouse monitoring in logistics management   Offering state of the art cargo management services to customers is imperative for logistics companies to maintain competitive advantage and maintain operational efficiencies to meet the demanding needs of their customers in the manufacturing and distribution industries. IOT logistics platform can allow users to connect all their operations including …

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