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25 Aug by Logistics Software

Cost savings with logistics portal

Logistics Customer Portal – generate revenues & cost savings “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” ~ Michael LeBoeuf There is nothing more important than ensuring your customers are satisfied and happy with your service. But achieving the ultimate goal of profit-making cannot be ignored as well. With the Ripples-FMS Customer Portal, you can […]
18 Aug by Logistics Software

Winning customers in logistics

Competitive Advantage, Avoid Risk, Emotions We learned about how you can enhance your customer delivery services while gaining profits in the previous post. But how can it act as a competitive advantage for your company and reduce risk at the same time? We will tell you how! Competitive Advantage  logistics customer Portal software adds to […]
5 Jul by Logistics Software

Technology in logistics

Outdoor cargo movement & tracking 2G / 4G Enabled sensor devices for cargo monitoring & tracking If you’re in the logistics & transportation or import & export business, you know that preparation is crucial for success. The internet age is reshaping the way the transport industry functions; which is a good thing because the industry […]
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Logistics customer self service

Freight logistics portal software Deploying a logistics customer self service portal software for supply chain and warehousing is important for companies to maintain a competitive advantage and maintain operational efficiencies to meet the demanding needs of digital savvy customers.. A self service logistics portal can allow users to connect all their operations including yard management […]
6 Jan by Logistics Software

Logistics yard management

Logistics yard – forklift & worker tracking Ripples FMS – An innovative logistics yard automation and truck workflow management suite, with integrated Internet of things and real-time data analytics to help improve fleet operations in the logistics yard, spares inventory management,  security, and compliance. Our logistics software, devices, and dashboard are ready for quick deployment in logistics yards, trucks, […]
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Digital twin in warehouses

Implementing digital in warehouses for supply chain optimization Implement physical distancing in warehouses, logistics yards Locate cargo, pallets, bins & spares inventory items easily. Improve internal efficiency in warehouses Track the movement of pallets and bins within the distribution network Take warehouse inventory count in each zone with 5-meter accuracy Reduce the possibility of theft […]
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Ensure customer satisfaction

What does your customer expect in these tough times? Moreover, How well are you equipped in ensuring customer satisfaction in such adverse business conditions? Based on our 3 decades of logistics industry experience, Ripples FMS has understood that the customers desire responsive, engaging and easy-to-use experiences across all touch-points. Logistics customer portal is one such way […]