Logistics software

Supply chain logistics software

Inventory Control in Logistics Operations

Accurate Inventory Management & Control Logistics companies, regardless of its size or type always find inventory control and management as an extremely complex process. It is not just about arranging your inventory items in your warehouses, stores or workshops, the process starts right from its acquisition. Purchased or transit components are put into shelves, bins …

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Supply chain visibility

 Tracking & monitoring of cargo   New generation logistics software, tracking tags, 2G & 4G connectivity for improving supply chain visibility. Reduce the costs associated with claims. Increase efficiency in logistics yard. Provide self-service technology to your customers and reduce the cost of business back-office operations.   Affordable supply chain visibility solutions Implement just in time …

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Freight Invoice Management: Why is it crucial?

As a trusted IT partner for top logistics companies across Africa and India, we believe that freight invoice management plays a big part in maintaining a smooth carrier-shipper relationship. Our in-house engineers at Ripples-FMS had given predominant importance to a smarter payment, expense and invoice Management module while designing the application. So what does an …

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Logistics Management ERP

Key Benefits & Features Integrated logistics operations Accurate and timely information Reduce cost of operations Proper Invoicing and financial accounting Multi-branch, Multi-currency support Insights on warehouse inventory levels To-Do alerts and notifications We were recently approached by a top freight company in Africa to build a total logistics management solution. The client has more than …

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Addressing high logistics costs

Efficient logistics management software The overall cost of logistics and transportation operations in Africa remains substantially higher than rest of the world. Though there are lots of factors affecting this surge, most studies point out to the infrastructure and governance issues as the main reason. We can’t deny the fact that logistics issues are neglected generally by the governments …

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Logistics automation & software

Maximum optimization of your resources Ripples FMS – An innovative logistics automation and monitoring solution, with integrated smart sensors and data analytics to help improve fleet tracking, yard monitoring, inventory management security and compliance Our logistics automation software, devices, and dashboard are ready for quick deployment inside warehouses, on trucks, shipment containers, and small cargo pallets. The transmitted or …

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