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JJ Group and Greendoor Group Success story

JJ group and Greendoor Group are the leading logistics and transport companies in Southern Africa with 20+ years of experience in cross-border transport and having 2000+ trucks. Our customized FMS solution acts an important role in all their transporters’ day-to-day operations for the past 10 years. In this period they became one of the best logistics and transport companies in the Southern Africa region.

Ripples-FMS helped the logistics business partnership to identify the bottlenecks in their daily operations and it enables the management to take swift action to resolve them and improved services to their clients.

Excel to Freight Management System

Before FMS, the logistics companies were used to Excel, which can be changed or tampered with anytime. With FMS, they could save data securely.  It is easy to handle and follow up. We can look into the logistics billing as an example, where, it was done in excel with a lot of man-made errors and took an average of 30 to 40 minutes. Now it is reduced to 5 to 10 minutes with no errors. It was very difficult for them to check the booking and other previous data in excel. FMS made it possible within seconds with a lot of filtering options.

Cloud Based Logistics software system

FMS is a cloud-based system, any user, either a management or a normal user, can access it at any time. It helped them to avoid delay in approvals of many urgent decisions, validations, etc. It was also helpful in the work from home scenario due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Read our logistics case studies

Management Information & KPI

Helps the management to increase the value and profit of the business by giving the whole information in a fingertip. Daily automated MIS reports helped management to track and plan everything accordingly. Customized KPI helped to monitor the performance of departments as well as employees

Ripples-FMS Freight Management System

An easy-to-use, deploy and integrated module designed mainly for operators. As there are so many transactions every day on the operations side,  it was very useful to them to schedule, dispatch, and for whatever the actions/operations carrying out in the module. Validations and pre-defined data prevent the users from making errors and make it an efficient and effective data entry. It is highly beneficial for Consignment booking, proper scheduling and dispatch of trucks in the fleet, driver management, and allocation, vehicle expenses for trips, capturing digital POD, etc.

As we know there are so many cargo types in the transportation industry, this module is capable of accommodating all cargo types in the module with pre-defined operation criteria. JJ and Greendoor logistics partnership  uses almost all cargo related functions, and thus Ripples-FMS became a centralized data hub for them for all their operations

Complex and time-consuming tasks in a single click

Scheduling a single truck or invoicing a single trip manually, prepare salary for a single employee, etc., be itself a big task, as it will consume a lot of hours to complete. If there are any mistakes in the preparation, then it will take more time. Then can you imagine scheduling 50+ trucks, invoicing 100’s of trips, salary preparation for all employees by a user in a single day? Here is the advantage of multiple scheduling, multiple invoicing, etc., comes. It allows the user to schedule 50+ trucks, invoice 100s of trips, and prepares salary for all employees in a single click and thus saves a huge amount of man-hour and eliminates human errors.

Improving Internal Communication

Users can plan and organize their day-to-day works based on the automatic report they receiving at regular intervals. As the driver documents and truck-related documents are very important in the case of a transport company, it is crucial to keep all the documents valid in the journey of a truck or trip. FMS notifies the responsible persons about the expiry of the documents and helps to be ready for all the time with valid documents.

Instant alert and notifications

Instant alerts through mail at the time of Booking will make a customer happy every time as it is a valid proof of booking. This can be done through FMS. There are so many other situations to notify the management or the corresponding responsible persons about crucial information. It can be done through instant alerts and notifications.

We can see a big advantage of instant mail and notification in the case of clearance checking at ports. The documents will be sent to port agents at the time of Booking, through instant mails. It helped them to complete documentation works of shipment on time. Ripples-FMS made the hours of waiting time negligible through this feature and became a very useful add-on for the group.

Connecting every employee in the business cycle

It is important to notify the employees or drivers about their payslip, advance payments, etc. Even though it does through instant mails, most of the people in the African region are far from internet access. As this is the condition, FMS automatic SMS allowed the JJ and Greendoor group of companies to reach each of the employees through their mobile numbers.

Claims and insurance settlement

Using the claims and insurance module legal team gets a complete track of accident, theft, fines and claims settlement procedures, theft monitoring procedures, etc.

Third-party software integration
  • Flexible third-party integration with Fuel, driver expense, and logistics reduces a tremendous amount of man-hour.
  • Integration with a sensor-based Fuel monitoring system (otipetrosmart) helped to make a fully automatic fuel stock system.
  • Integration with Inter Africa Transport Forex made driver expense, outside fuel filing, on-road services like parking, road toll tax, etc., cashless.
  • Integration with warehouse software helps to update logistics order information automatically and it made the process faster.
  • Integration of different GPS providers in a single-window makes tracking easier. (As there are so many transporters, they use different GPS providers)
Stores & Workshop management

It acts as an inventory management system. Ripples-FMS has a proper spare purchase and issue process and it made the company stock-taking, easy. The sequence of capturing job card, initiate spare requests against work orders, Generate Purchase orders, Transfer stocks between branches or smart warehouses kept the process in a harmonic way

Own Fuel station stock Management and Outside fuel station filling

JJ and Green door Group have their own fuel stations in the yard. Using FMS they are easily managing fuel purchase and stock, and pre defined fuel consumption master helps to allocate fuel to each trip and hence help to effective fuel utilization and prevents fuel theft. Outside fuel consumption module helps to create fuel PO and notify the fuel station and invoice.  Integration with Inter Africa Transport Forex made outside fuel filing easy.

Magic with Reports

There was a time for JJ and Greendoor group were grappling with report preparation in excel lasting 3 to 4 days or more, in a month. Ripples-FMS helped them to win the battle by preparing all the reports in a single click.

Machine learning can save costs

How Machine Learning Helps Freight Management Companies?

Machine learning helps freight forwarding, logistics companies

The introduction of modern and new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and blockchain has transformed the unorganized and fragmented logistics sector.

Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. It is seen as a part of artificial intelligence. Let’s look into how machine learning helps the freight management industry.

Some of the key problems facing freight transport are the rising freight rates, skilled employee shortage, and driver management. In the logistics industry, everything is time-bound and there are minor unpredictable issues.

Each process in this sector depends on the one preceding it and a minor delay on one stage causes a ripple effect on all the other stages. At the time of delivery, there ends up being a delay of days because of a few hours of down-time.

As in all areas of business, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in severely affecting thousands of supply chains globally, the economic impact of which will linger for months to come. Even though Global demand for transport will continue to grow dramatically over the next three decades, with global freight demand expected to triple by 2050, according to projections by the International Transport Forum (ITF), an intergovernmental think tank.

To make ease the processes of transportation and management, the Logistics sector adapts the benefits of Machine learning and the greatest number of companies are already making active use of it. AI and ML helps in automating various time-consuming processes. Optimizing logistics processes so that they can adapt independently and dynamically for changing market requirements.

Logistics and freight movement or transportation management would be the playing ground, eventually, to create positive delivery experiences and cost leadership among competitors. Most of the companies would win or lose based on how they optimize their last-mile deliveries.

Nowadays, companies are not only looking into the costs, but better utilization of available vehicles and so prefer and invests in such a reliable and scalable technology. That’s why they choose Machine learning. ML helps in predictive analysis and thus can determine the number of vehicles they require to fulfill the demands. It also helps them to balance their shipment movements.

Optimal capacity utilization of vehicles would help divide the freight movement cost so that the marginal cost for each unit transported is less, and hence profit margins are higher.

Better driver management would help allocate the right trip to the most suited driver well versed with the route and learned in the type of vehicle assigned. Automated allocation of shipments to vehicles and drivers would speed up transportation, bringing down lead time and downtime.

Machine learning has a clear focus on tracking driver behavior and service hours. This will turn into the design of safe and fast routes for trips. This will bring down the turnaround time, in turn, the fuel and maintenance costs.

Companies would be able to track driver behavior such as Harsh Acceleration, harsh braking, speeding,Idle Time, unnecessary detention, deviation from planned routes, etc. with instant alerts and notifications passed on to the supervising manager or stakeholder. This may help in the KPI analysis of drivers also for management.

Machine learning in freight logistics operations

Live GPS tracking of moving resources would make transport companies agile and responsive. Real-time traffic pattern analysis would help predict the best route and accurate ETAs for reaching the in-transit hubs and destination locations. Fast scanning with in-app or connected scanners would help with fast loading and unloading at hubs, reducing the total time spent there while increasing the transparency.

All this would help companies better manage the hours of service of each driver, to comply with regulatory and service level agreements. Instances, where a driver’s mandatory break time ends up delaying critical orders, would be almost nullified as the driver’s time would be well-tracked and managed right from a single logistics software dashboard giving end-to-end visibility overall moving and on-ground resources.

A Freight Management software system using Machine learning will become a self-optimizing logistics software system. It generates additional value to the customer and employee experiences and gains efficiency with less physical work than ever. Such automation of allocation, routing, tracking, and compliance would be the primary need for most companies to run their operations sustainably and profitably.

Logistics cost savings

Go digital. Optimise operations

Logistics costs savings software Mozambique, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Indonesia

With 2 decades of existence in the International markets, Ripples-FMS is the Logistics Management Software solution that offers a measurable ROI for your investments in the digital platforms through effective optimization of your warehouse & back-office operations. With the Ripples-FMS Logistics cost savings calculator, it is already proven that the results are greater than the money invested by our clients.

That’s what it simply means that clients will have a positive Return on Investment (ROI) within a short time after adopting Ripples-FMS to their organization.

Ineffective utilization of transporting vehicles

One of the primary concerns for most of the transporting organizations is a low rate of trips per month for their vehicles. This is due to a lack of route optimization systems and the inability to deploy cargo tracking technology across various locations. Potential logistic companies capable to operate more trips per month are unable to tap the opportunity with old manual processing and legacy logistics software systems. Most of this is due to poor optimization of your resources.

Business & customer growth

As per a recent survey, 60% of logistics companies find it very difficult to communicate real-time information such as inventory location, truck status, shipment status, delivery time, etc for their customers and maintain strong business relationships.

Many logistics companies in the Africa region lack proper customer relations management tools and logistics platform solutions that offer higher customer independence to access online information, This is going to become a key strategy to logistics business and customer growth in a post Covid19 era. Cross border documentation works are reduced considerably after implementing Ripples-FMS.

Realtime information for logistics cost savings

Effective and real-time info is key to strategic decision making for logistics operators and their clients. Most freight forwarding providers lack the right digital tools for business analysis, customer self-service, operations control, etc.

Management reports are crucial to reduce operating expenses and unleash potential revenues in the business.

Ineffective purchase management, control & Theft

Ineffectiveness & revenue leakage in the following areas:

  • Misused consumption of vehicle spare parts
  • Theft of tires and spare parts 
  • Theft of cargo during the journey
  • Poor fuel management
  • Issue of wrong invoices

Empty running of trucks & truck delays

Each empty km run by the truck is an expense for the transporter. Most often trucks need to run empty kilometers as logistic companies are lacking with proper info on goods pending to be transported from its branches to various locations. As per research, truck delays at various points (border clearance, workshops offloading, route optimization, documentation, etc.) result in a loss of US$ 240 per day. As a result, it is difficult to get a return on investment.

Lack of alerts, driver assessment & rating

Alerts w.r.t truck license expiry, export permits expiry, vehicle service due, driver license expiry are most often absent in legacy manual and old software systems. Absence of driver performance rating systems to identify problematic and under-performing drivers are often absent which increases average driver expense per month. Optimization of logistics operations will help streamline processes and to improve customer experience.

Ripples-FMS being a standardized freight forwarding software comes with world-class product quality, robust architecture, and fail-safe technology. The solution is completely built from a customer-oriented perspective addressing the pain points of parcel operators, fleet owners, and giant cargo movers. 

Ripples-FMS  logistics platform for cost savings


  • Ripples-FMS features a centralized online inquiry system, efficient tracking of consignments from any branch office, tracking of underutilized trucks and route planner facility that helps to increase the rate of trips per truck and avoid running of empty kilometers during round trips.
  • Online customer portal and two way SMS engine for customer interactions helps to communicate real-time info and results in more customer transparency.
  • Management information system with dashboards, Branch wise revenue and expense analysis, stock analysis, traffic analysis, booking, and dispatch analysis backed by more than 200+ management reports help for real-time strategic information and decision making.
  • Centralized inventory monitoring module alerts misused consumption of spare parts and do accurate cost allocation and fuel issue to the fleet. Wrong invoices and malpractices in trip expense billing that forms a standard 1 % loss of total revenue in the industry are no more concern through Ripples-FMS billing and expense template configurations.
  • Ripples-FMS alerts users on important truck and driver license expiry to avoid unnecessary fines during trips. It monitors annual maintenance contracts, tracks breakdown, repair history, and thus ensures optimum asset utilization. Driver ranking and behavior tracking system in Ripples FMS ranks driver based on previous trips.
  • Ripples-FMS facilitates enhanced document management that helps users to scan, index, store, retrieve and print important border and port documents, dispatch documents that reduce delays at various process points.
  • Warehouse Inventory tracking, monitoring solutions to eliminate cargo theft during the journey, theft of tires, environment monitoring solutions to track temperature and humidity for perishable goods, tracking of spillage of hazardous chemicals, and so on.

Ripples-FMS Logistics cost savings & Return on Investment Calculator

The Ripples-FMS ROI benefits cover a wide breadth of parameters within the transportation and logistics management process. Our basic ROI calculations for logistic companies demonstrates that there is certainly a huge amount of money that can be saved through a software-enabled process and work-flow automation. 

A sample benefit & cost savings ROI chart for transport logistic companies

ProblemScenario post Ripples-FMS implementationCost savings
Empty km run by trucksX % of the average empty km per month has been reduced.9999.99
Increased spare parts consumptionX % of Avg Spares Issued per month has been reduced9999.00

Calculating return on investment can help you understand what’s working and not working in your business and bring significant changes. Like the above, Ripples FMS is equipped with researched calculations that can demonstrate the savings based on 10 + industry parameters once the Ripples FMS software is adopted. 

Contact our experts to know more about Ripples FMS Logistics Management Software and understand your potential logistics cost savings through our well researched and proven implementation models.