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Warehouse Management System

Managing a warehouse has always been challenging, and trends in logistics management continue to make it harder every day especially in the current uncertain times. Adopting new normal warehouse management practices and solutions help keep products flowing efficiently through the system, which is a critical factor in serving customers and securing increasing operating margins.

Smart warehouse management system, logistics

Warehouse automation solutions

Inaccurate inventory counts and poor inventory control is the most common issue facing warehouse managers. Over the period, these errors can accumulate, leaving puzzling gaps in the inventory. Inventory location problems generally develop over time, as new products are added to the inventory and tracking of goods become difficult. Inability to integrate your current warehouse management system with logistic and supply chain partners leads to manual tasks and redundancies that cost time and money and leads to inaccuracies. Suboptimal picking happens most often due to process inefficiencies in receiving or put-away tasks. Inappropriate warehouse billing systems fail to incorporate demurrage charges and track customer payments.

Warehouse Management System efficiencies.

Adopting an efficient Warehouse management system like Ripples WMS helps warehouse managers to implement industry best practices and adopt process automation within their warehouse. Moreover, Ripples-FMS  warehouse suite accompanies smart solutions for inventory tracking, condition and climatic monitoring, production planning and real-time customer communication mechanisms for enhanced process efficiency and customer experience.

Ripples WMS – Features & Benefits

End to end warehouse order mapping

WMS system tracks complete warehouse order processing details like cargo type, fleet selection, container management, warehouse storage and invoicing. Relevant documents such as POD and shipping documents can be managed online.

Warehouse zone allocation

Automatically allocates storage locations based on the characteristics of the goods to be stored. This allows the warehouse staff to know where the items will be stored and help in easy pick and packing. Indoor positioning module with bluetooth tags attached to crates and pallets can improve efficiency.

Warehouse Inventory management, tracking & control

Ripples WMS accurately records and monitor the inventory stored avoiding human errors. Inventory movements can be effectively tracked along with condition and environment monitoring of cargo that avoids misplacement /theft and damage to goods.

Cargo transportation management

Trip creation feature enables to create trips directly from the stock management screen. Own truck and customer-owned truck transportation details can be effectively managed and the WMS can be easily integrated with the Ripples freight management system.

Accurate warehouse management & Invoicing

Automatically calculate the invoice details per order with complete accuracy based on the defined warehouse invoicing parameters. Demurrage and additional warehouse charges can be effectively captured avoiding any kind of financial loss.

Smart warehouse management system

Real-time customer communications

Offer a Ripples-FMS self-service portal for your customers to monitor their cargo in real-time with regards to goods location, physical and climatic conditions and tracking goods in transit. Customers can submit online orders, upload logistics documents and monitor their invoices online that bring more visibility and transparency in your operations.

A successfully managed warehouse, one that performs reliably and efficiently, is a huge asset to any freight forwarding company. Our warehouse specialists also offer warehouse consultation services to help logistic warehouses adapt to new normal and to adopt industry best solutions and standards. 

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Warehouse monitoring

Warehouse automation - solutions for the future farm to plate monitoring logistics industry

smart warehouse ecommerce solutions

Operator – Hello, Good morning from Smart logistics LLC, Cape Town, South Africa. How can I help you?

Prospect – I need to book 2500 of your cold chain, temperature-controlled smart warehouse facility for a week. We need to see the storage space & want to monitor the white wines we export regularly to Europe.  If found suitable, we will take on lease, the warehouse space on a long-term basis. We also need to remotely monitor the inventory, track workers, shipments, temperature & possible damages due to poor cargo handling methods. 

Our customer in Europe insists on traceability of the shipments and the final invoice payment is adjusted for damages or delays in case of deviation from any of the predefined conditions in supply chain digitisation & visibility.

Helpdesk – Welcome.  You can visit our smart warehouse anytime between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. Monday through Saturday.  The storage area can be dedicated for your special purpose and using our customer portal, we will configure with a user name and password so that all warehouse tracking parameters, including arrival, stay, despatch time and environmental parameters can be regularly monitored remotely in a secure manner.

Logistics cold chain, e-commerce, smart warehouse solutions

Smart warehouse for the new normal

The customer logs into to the Digital twin logistics platform to select an eCommerce option, The available 2500 zones in the smart warehouse are listed under temperature-controlled, fragile, food and consumable section.

The customer selects a temperature-controlled zone with a constant environment reading, the rental duration of 1 week, add-ons like air quality, humidity, ambient light & temperature monitoring along with the 10-minute frequency of reporting & individual wine carton tracking options into the warehouse eCommerce cart. Makes online payment – Selects drop off time for the cargo and the service level agreements

 Farm to fork monitoring logistics tracking warehouse automation solutions

During the drop off of the premium organic white wine, the truck driver is able to download the order specifications. A docket contains the required tracking tags and the layout map of the booked temperature-controlled zone is made available at the front gate. The tags are attached to the 10 cartons and stacked in the designated zone. The job has been done, thanks to smart warehouse automation solutions for the new normal.

Farm monitoring & eCommerce

Login access is given to the grape farm which manufactured the premium wine. The end customer, a premium restaurant that is based in Amsterdam gets a WhatsApp link alert, using which they are able to track the location and storage conditions of what they ordered.


Farm to fork logistics solutions

Welcome to the warehouses of the future. Ripples-FMS enabled smart logistics and warehouse platform provides robust and innovative solutions such as logistics eCommerce, smart warehouses, customer portal, farm to fork monitoring to meet the expectations of the new era. to stay relevant in this disruptive logistics business.

Ripples R&D team collaborates with leading names such as Omron, Avnet, and Dell EMC to build these intelligent logistics management solutions.

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Logistics 2.0, warehouses of the future.Smart warehouses management system, logistics


Digital disruption in logistics

eCommerce logistics the next disruption in the African Logistics Industry. In Africa, 40 percent of annual growth in e-commerce activity is predicted over the next decade. African logistics companies have started digitization with automation in picking, packing, and sorting operations, smart warehouses, farm to fork monitoring, etc

Ripples-FMS - digital disruption in logistics, customer engagement portal, eCommerce logistics solutions South Africa

COVID & Digitization across Africa

The level of digitization in Africa has generally been quite slow. But the COVID19 pandemic is accelerating trends such as digitization and local manufacturing. Due to curfews and lockdowns in order to enforce physical distancing in warehouses, consumers are now engaging with businesses through online channels, onsite delivery, and store pickup are automated to ensure customer safety, with increased adoption by older generations. COVID19 has moved digitization in logistics from a niche market into mass adoption.

Smart warehouses & eCommerce  – the next disruption in logistics
COVID & Digitization across South Africa

The level of digitization in Africa has generally been quite slow. But the COVID19 crisis is accelerating trends such as digitization and local manufacturing. Due to curfews and lockdowns in order to enforce physical distancing, consumers are now engaging with businesses through online channels, with increased adoption by older generations.

COVID19 has moved digitization from a niche market into mass adoption. The transportation, freight forwarding & warehousing industry has the third-highest automation potential of any sector. The reasons for digital technology adoption by logistics companies could be due to the following factors.

● A growing shortage of labor in the logistics sector
● The explosion in demand from online retailers
● Technology advances in the logistics industry

There is a huge expansion of giants like Amazon, in logistics, and warehouse space even expanding to remote areas in line with the ongoing disruption. They threaten to shunt traditional logistics companies toward low-margin services, which may not justify an investment in automation.

Many logistics technologies like advanced robotics, smart sensor applications, analytics in transport, and smart warehouses, logistics platform, eCommerce logistics are available but the adoption by companies depends on proving ROI for the investment.

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Ripples-FMS - farm to fork logistics disruption, e-commerce solutions.

Freight forwarding solutions

Logistics solutions for the new normal 

Freight forwarding software solutions, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania

Integrated farm to fork logistics, transportation & freight forwarding is among the key business verticals facing uncertainty with many of the macro trends happening in the world right now. The challenges include everything from operational interruptions due to COVID 19, the uncertain state of the global economy, and poor adoption of cost-effective technologies.

Freight business is extremely process-driven and involves immense paperwork. Manual processing of information can slow down the delivery process and leads to costly mistakes and errors. Most freight forwarders use multiple systems for various functions that succeed in a disconnected supply chain resulting in poor business visibility, inventory control, and inefficiencies. Lack of a self-service system for customers often results in poor transparency in transactions and leads to customer dissatisfaction. Configuring the best price quotes and optimizing transportation is another headache that makes freight forwarding more complex.

Freight forwarding software solutions

Successful freight forwarding in expanding globalized markets ensures that goods reach their final destination in a timely and efficient manner. Adopting the right tools such as an integrated freight management system is essential in today’s scenario for seamless forwarder operations and customer experience.

Transportation logistics management

Serving leading logistic companies across Africa and Asia Pacific regions, Ripples FMS offers an integrated logistics control platform to support transportation, warehouse, container, and freight forwarder operations. Designed to benefit companies of all sizes, Ripples-FMS logistics suite ensures hands-on access to operational data, improves communication between client and freight forwarders, improves staff efficiency, and offers seamless integration with third-party systems. 

Features & Benefits of our Freight Forwarding system

Farm to fork Transportation logistics, freight forwarding software South Africa

Here is a snapshot of the Ripples-FMS solution offering to the Freight Forwarders.

Quotation Management

Automatically generate rates for any type of transportation mode and generate & share quotations based on the same. Track the status of quotations and convert to customer orders easily

Transportation Management System

Scheduling, managing, and tracking of pickup & delivery of orders be it local or cross-country, and generate all documentation required.

Warehouse Management system

 Effectively manage warehouse cargo protection, inventory tracking operations by effectively controlling the movement, storage, and inspection of cargo.

Customer Relationship Management

Ripples-FMS customer portal ensures timely communications with customers and offers complete transparency in transactions. We provide integrated logistics CRM solutions to improve customer loyalty.

Cargo & Container tracking

truck monitoring

Ripples FMS equips wireless sensor-based logistics platform which encompasses a logistics eCommerce store, logistics customer portal, warehouse monitoring, farm to fork, to track and monitor cargo/container locations, warehouses & fleet for condition monitoring & environment monitoring within transit and cargo storage.

Shipping documents & clearance

All relevant documents such as a bill of lading, insurance, and waybills relevant to freight operations can be configured and easily shared with authorities for a fast clearance.

Ripples-FMS freight forwarding solutions

To help freight logistics companies to be better positioned for a post COVID19 world, Ripples-FMS offers customer experience and safety solutions like eCommerce portal, Social distancing modules, Smart warehouse systems, Driver apps, Contactless deliveries, and payment integrations. Our dedicated onsite implementation and support team offers farm to fork, transportation logistics software deployment, backed by immaculate implementation and helpdesk support.

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Farm monitoring

Smart farm automation tools

Greenhouse, Smart farm automation and monitoring sensors, dashboard software

Smart farms, greenhouse – IOT technology’s remote diagnostics & monitoring capabilities are also being successfully employed outside the realm of mechanical maintenance. IOT devices are being used to collect detailed and real-time data in a wide array of fields, ranging from medicine to agriculture. Robust data collection has even allowed businesses to automate certain processes and remotely manage production.

IOT wireless sensors in greenhouse / vertical farming

An excellent illustration of these capabilities comes from the agricultural industry. Forward-thinking indoor growers and nursery owners have implemented IoT devices to help monitor and manage their plants. In this scenario, a connected device continuously monitors environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, sunlight, and soil condition.

This remote diagnostics data is then collected using sensor devices, compiled, and organized to help growers analyze long-term environmental trends. Wireless sensor devices can also be designed to automatically respond to environmental data in the greenhouse. If the device registers low moisture levels in the soil, for example, it can automatically trigger a watering system to correct it. This kind of functionality both boosts productivity, and reduces overhead costs. Like other IoT applications, the end result is a system that is more efficient, more productive, and less expensive. Less of supervisory efforts. No need to go around the farming yard to measure readings of moisture, temperature, etc.

Smart farm automation – ROI factors

From the readings taken from the temperature sensor, humidity sensor, moisture sensor, pH sensor, Greenhouse, smart farm monitoring solutions are capable of automating the process of switching on and off the actuators to provide remote temperature and humidity control, irrigation, fertigation readings

Decrease in the energy consumptions relating to all the processes of temperature and humidity control, irrigation system, etc. hence the time the pump, heater, fan, and other devices are operated reduces.

Current monitoring systems ensure that equipment consuming high electrical can be replaced or repaired for efficiency.

Realtime industrial monitoring of assets such as a heater, fan, and water pumps will reduce maintenance costs.identifying the malfunctions of these devices through temperature and vibration readings.

Soil moisture sensor reports that soil sensor triggers irrigation of the field is below optimum moisture levels for plant growth. Once the sensors detect field has had enough watering, water turns off. Read about ecommerce logistics.

  • Install wireless sensors and actuators in farms
  • Dashboard software and data visualisation tools to collect informastion from sensors
  • Send notifications and alerts based on abnormal values
  • Monitoring the pH of rain and water harvested-pH sensors
  • Monitor the acidity and alkalinity of the soil-pH sensors
  • Measure the soil moisture content-moisture sensor
  • Monitoring the ambient lighting-ambient light sensors
  • Analytics using leaf color monitoring will help early identification of plant diseases
  • Monitoring all other critical factors (temperature, humidity, moisture, air quality, CO2) etc.
  • Interface to existing farm monitoring systems
  • Non contact body temperature and attending monitoring of farm workers
  • Reduction in the usage of water(minimize the wastage of water)-proper irrigation-deploying moisture sensors
  •  Achieve resource optimisation in farming industry
  • Reduce the usage of fertilizers by measuring the acidic and alkaline content of the soil-pH sensors
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Supply chain visibility

Warehouse tracking & monitoring 

Supply chain visibility, logistics, inventory, warehouse tracking software solutions

Digital transformation is here to stay and it is no different in the supply chain, logistics, and transport industry in Africa and the Asia Pacific regions. Customers want the best of services at the lowest costs. They want to be empowered with information about the valuable cargo you have been entrusted to transport. Factories and distribution centers need real-time information on cargo movement to feed their production and sales requirements to improve supply chain visibility using warehouse tracking solutions. Welcome to Logistics 2.0 !!   Our next-generation logistics management software enables fleet & cargo tracking tags, 2G & 4G enabled remote tracking of inventory for modernizing supply chain visibility from the seaport to logistics yard and the final delivery destination.  

  • Reduce the costs associated with a truck and consignment claims.
  • Improve efficiency in the logistics yard.
  • Offer logistics self-service portal to your customers
  • Reduce the cost of business back-office operations.
  • Ascertain the location of your trucks and valuable cargo
  • Understand the operating environment under which the goods are transported.

Affordable supply chain visibility solutions

  • Implement just in time inventory management
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • No wiring needed to set up the infrastructure
  • Easy to deploy and commission
inventory Tracking in logistics supply chain visibility

With the advent of wireless Bluetooth mesh sensors that run on batteries for years, Logistics cargo and warehouse tracking technology have now become within the budget reach of small and mid-sized transport, logistics, and supply chain management companies. 

By implementing our warehouse tracking and monitoring technology, supply chain, transport, and logistics companies can provide value-added services to customers to move up the value chain and offer premium services.

  • The battery life of 10 years with hourly transmission
  • Integrated with Ripples-FMS, a cloud-enabled Freight Logistics Software
  • Water, dust, and tamper-proof tracking tags for logistics
  • Track pallets, trolleys, consignments, inward and outward movement of cargo
  • Manage the workflow of trucks and the workforce in the logistics yard.
GSM solutions for supply chain monitoring

2G / 4G SIM-enabled modules now allow cargo / individual pallets loaded inside trucks and containers to be tracked & monitored at a scheduled basis – whether being dispatched by surface transport or ship.

  • Tracking raw materials & finished goods – pallets, prefabricated, etc
  • Easily locate goods inside a warehouse
  • In transit tracking – reducing theft and abuse of cargo
  • Global tracking of goods inside shipping containers
  • Indoor tracking for warehouses, factories
  • Outdoor tracking for logistics yards
  • GPS location for outdoor dispatch monitoring
  • Track the location of pallets within the logistics yard
  • Monitor transit of pallets from the warehouse to distribution & retail centers
  • Use of GSM technology for tracking of fleet and cargo across geographies

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Freight logistics portal

Freight logistics portal

IOT freight logistics portal, Internet of things, smart warehouses, warehouse automation.

Offering state of the art freight logistics management services to customers is imperative for logistics companies to maintain competitive advantage and maintain operational efficiencies to meet the demanding needs of their customers in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Our freight logistics portal can allow users to connect all their operations including  yard management and logistics inventory under one roof.

In transit, theft can be reduced to a great extent by deploying our innovative warehouse and cargo monitoring solutions. Our wireless sensor-enabled logistics management system can help medium and large-sized transport companies and logistics operators save millions through improved utilization of warehouse space, better tracking of cargo dispatch, loading, and transit.

Implementing logistics portal & smart warehouses that track and monitor cargo movement and storage will enhance the competitive advantage of firms in the business of logistics management. The completely wireless solutions are easy to deploy and low on maintenance.

Freight logistics portal solutions

The Industrial internet of things (IOT) integrated cargo tracking & anti-theft solution with data analytics module, real-time data interface, and the smart rule engine will help improve supply chain visibility by enabling complete information into the condition, inventory status, and location of cargo inside warehouses and on every connected vehicle. Use our logistics portal software for new insights delivered through the customer logistics portal

  • Say goodbye to repeated work using excel files in logistics operations
  • Sends alerts on consignment and truck arrival/departure, automatic check-in and check-out at warehouses and yards
  • Collects & analyzes data on the condition & location of cargo, machines & trucks to ensure performance
  • Provides 24/7 support enabled with a data logging platform and sensor integration using remote connectivity tools
  • Shares information on the environment of storage, delivery schedule, parking, traffic with the partners and suppliers
  • Logistics yard monitoring – Arrivals, departure, workforce, driver tracking.
  • Workflow and productivity monitoring in logistics yard
  • Tracking the utilisation of racks in warehouses
  • Pallet and bin monitoring with the layout map
  • Linking the data with customer production and procurement cycles

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