Supply chain

Digital transformation in logistics. Smart warehouses, Supply chain visibility solutions, Farm to fork monitoring, cold chain traceability in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria & Kenya

Warehouse Management System

Managing a warehouse has always been challenging, and trends in logistics management continue to make it harder every day especially in the current uncertain times. Adopting new normal warehouse management practices and solutions help keep products flowing efficiently through the system, which is a critical factor in serving customers and securing increasing profit margins.

Digital disruption in logistics

In the African Logistics Industry. 40 percent annual growth in e-commerce activity is predicted over the next decade. African eCommerce logistics companies have started digitization with automation in picking, packing, and sorting operations. This is due to the increasing demand for omnichannel distribution models.

Freight logistics portal

Freight logistics portal Offering state of the art freight logistics management services to customers is imperative for logistics companies to maintain competitive advantage and maintain operational efficiencies to meet the demanding needs of their customers in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Our freight logistics portal can allow users to connect all their operations including  yard …

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