Warehouse utilisation & operations


Ripples-FMS Digital twin in warehouse management

Using digital twin technology, virtual layout models of warehouses and facilities can be created that help to improve the ways warehouses are managed. The technology supports the design and layout of new facilities, allowing companies to optimize space utilization. Sensor-based technologies help to simulate the movement of products, personnel, material handling equipment. This can aid the identification and elimination of waste in warehouse operations, from congestion in busy aisles to low productivity or picking errors by personnel

Deploying Digital Twin in Warehouse management

Warehouse digital twin enables monitoring the real-time functions in the warehouse process like loading and unloading, safety inspections, inventory and dispatch across various efficiency parameters. It monitors dock door utilization, duration of goods storage in loading/ sorting areas, presence of staff required for a particular activity and alert on goods not to be kept together. Applying digital twin in inventory management track the items with its zone and location of storage, alerts on the items need to move as together and even provide customer visibility on their goods in storage across various tracking parameters. The simulation models also provide insights including transportation and production lead times, demand per product, condition of storage bins  identify empty spaces that need to be occupied to prevent revenue loss. 

Within a warehouse, timely availability of both personal and equipment is a core deciding factor in measuring the warehouse efficiency. Digital enabled warehouses can inform live site access monitoring – tracing the designated workforce and materials like bins & forklifts stick to the assigned zones. In case there is a breach in assigned areas or entry to controlled areas with restricted access management is alerted over notifications. 

Environmental conditions within a warehouse need to be strictly monitored as any kind of deterioration of warehouse climatic conditions affects the quality of goods stored. Warehouse digital twin software help to mirror the environmental conditions inside a warehouse monitoring parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure and indoor air quality. The same kind of monitoring is especially applicable to cold storage warehouse zones where any kind of climatic deviations can result in spoilage of stuff stored 

Apart from this, the real-time operational data that improves operational team performance is very important. The info helps in various associated processes like deciding on the production schedules, identifying free slots for rental, coordinating the dispatch process with reduced truck wait times etc.

The benefits with digital twins will be improved outcomes and powerful new business models.  

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