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Solutions for the new normal, digital era

eCommerce development, online stores, E-commerce logistics, last mile fulfilment, order processing, store pickup & payment gateway solutions for the new normal business world.

A high performance , highly secure offering from Ripples-FMS for commercial establishments to go online to offer their products and services. Specialised warehouse integration services for healthcare, freight forwarding, logistics, restaurant, agriculture & other industries.

IOT warehouse Logistics eCommerce solutions

eCommerce with integrated warehouse monitoring & inventory

We integrate our farm logistics, eCommerce portal solutions with warehouse monitoring solutions to provide realtime data which helps in managing FIFO inventory, discounted pricing, monitoring of storage environment, movement of people, pickup and drop functions to support new generation logistics operations

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eCommerce store pickup, order fulfilment solutions

Why your own eCommerce logistics system

Business globally are going through unprecedented disruptions and consumer behaviour changed drastically in the second quarter of 2020. Although there are a lot of doom stories, we see green shoots appearing in selected businesses – By going digital, with their own eEcommerce store, it is now possible to sell traditional products online, by connecting your existing client base. Be it a gourmet cheese factory, spice shop, home pizza maker or restaurant serving local residents.

Although B2C delivery platforms exist, the costs associated are high for the consumer and the commissions paid by the business owner eat up their margins. Data protection is also a matter of concern, as many businesses would not want to expose their customer details to anyone.

e-commerce store for warehouses

Upload your products online and reach out to consumers old and new. Communicate promotions, schedule store pickup or home delivery schedules, manage order processing, returns, cancellations. Take payment online through m-Pesa or Razorpay. Ask staff to continue work from home and have a minimal workforce for packing and dispatch.

Going digital with online warehouses

Majority of the business functions have now moved online – Yoga, dance, interviews, conferences, learning, classrooms  etc. And there is no reason why your warehouse business should not go online. All you need is a registered domain name as and we will help you in building, deploying and customising e-commerce software to meet your immediate needs.

Logistics eCommerce software solutions for your business
IOT Logistics eCommerce

For those in the business of providing logistics transportation services, there are immense opportunities with going the digital way. Your warehouses and fleet can be better put through use on the online platform for equipment and specialised space rentals.

eCommerce in B2B industries

Traditional industries with long standing clients can reach out to persuade them to book their supplies online and ensure proper delivery or pickup timings – as per the safety norms laid down by the local governments.

B2C e-commerce software

With a leap in digital use, and search for “near me” facilities, essential commodity services can use our eCommerce platform, which is built on a reliable technology, supporting thousands of online buyers. We secure host the solutions on Digital ocean.

eCommerce in healthcare

Hospitals, nursing homes and clinical laboratories can sell their products and services online. Patient engagement models have changed over the last few months due to the pandemic. Rental of medical equipment and home care visits can be scheduled using a hospital warehouse section

Farm to Fork eCommerce

Perishable goods need constant monitoring of temperature and other parameters for farm produce traceability and trust factors. If you are in the business of direct to consumer model, producing agri products or cheese or wine or meat products, our e-Commerce store software will help in expanding your business globally. Read about farm to fork logistics

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Ready to deploy, easy to use, low maintenance IOT eCommerce warehouses
  • Hosted on high performance cloud servers
  • Can support up to 10,000 online users
  • No data sharing. Privacy & security assured.
  • Firewalls & virus scanner prevents phishing, hacks
  • Link existing website as
  • Full fledged training & hand holding
  • Your choice of payment gateway vendors
  • Add your own products & services
  • Home delivery and store pickup options
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Offer rental services
  • Optional CRM and analytics module

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Call us to know more about our comprehensive eCommerce store offerings for indoor farms, vineyards, clinical laboratories, warehouse logistics operators, edible oil, electronic industries, restaurants & supermarkets. We help in the design of your business models, deploy and maintain online eCommerce logistics stores,  safe shopping solutions on a long term basis.