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If you are in the farming industry (fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc) you might know how crucial the role weather plays in farm cultivation. Unseasonal rains and severe droughts should be predicted early so that the crops are not affected at all. A meteogram is integrated into the smart farm dashboard which would display the weather around the farm location for the next few days. This would help a farmer to plan his activities and take proactive actions without the addition of manpower.

Every greenhouse farmer needs real-time data on the conditions of the soil and the farm surroundings; this will help in strategizing the methodologies for cultivation. There would be a real-time graphical visualization of Internet of things (IOT) sensor data like temperature, humidity, and water irrigated in the dashboard software home page.  It will show the live data from the sensors and plot it graphically for e.g. in the case of water irrigation it would show how much water has been let out to the farm for irrigation purposes. There is also a provision for viewing the weekly summary of all the sensor data. The daily average would be taken and shown as charts in the summary.

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Greenhouse, farm logistics automation

Our wireless sensor-based solutions for agriculture are compliant with industry automation standards. The wireless sensor combination can be customizable according to each client’s needs and demands to build a modern greenhouse automation solution.

The smart sensor unit for farm automation comprises of various type of devices which can detect events or changes in its environment and trigger a corresponding output. Protection from rodents, theft of equipment is provided. Modern farm automation tools actually give a real-time reading of various data that are crucial in the agricultural field and pass on the data to the actuators through a gateway. The mesh enabled technology is best suited for indoor farm automation.

Real-time Monitoring

Indoor farm automation sensors & dashboard software

The greenhouse automation software platform has integrated IoT sensor units to sense moisture, temperature, and humidity, water levels, light, pressure, etc and will send the data to a Ripples IOT gateway that could collect and process the data to the actuator to take necessary actions.

The actuator functions involve functions like opening a solenoid valve to allow the pumping of water when the moisture level is low, controlling the exhaust valve based on the temperature inside the greenhouse, etc. The entire system functions on wireless networks and has options for solar-powered charging or being equipped with long-life batteries.

List of the sensors we have expertise in
  • The analog soil moisture sensor
  • DHT digital temperature humidity sensor
  • Agriculture pH sensor 
  • Alcohol content
  • Dust levels
  • Ambient light
  • Pressure
  • Wind speed
  • Sunlight intensity
  • Rain measurement in farms
  • Leaf color monitoring using the camera

Other sensors that will be designed and developed as attachable shields for includes CO2, GPS & flowmeter 

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IOT smart farm logistics solutions

Our farm monitoring kit is best fit to be installed in indoor farming, which would help reduce costs and introduce efficiency into the working process, besides solving the problem of manpower shortage and distance to be covered in remote monitoring. The whole smart farm software platform can be managed through the internet, accessed using mobile phones and there is no need for the physical presence of the farmer. The solution also allows integration of actuators that control lighting, blower fans, irrigation, and fertigation and to know the excess vibration and anomaly detection in farm equipment.

Call us for an online demo of the smart farm automation & plantation management platform or for a farm automation starter kit deployment at your farm in the Czech Republic, Italy, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Spain, France, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, and other countries that have an agrarian economy.