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The Covid19 pandemic has taught the world many aspects of digital disruption and the agriculture sector related logistics industry is one that will need to transform completely into a digital era, providing direct services to consumers who demand traceability.

Farm to fork or farm to plate business models are of growing popularity among the agricultural farmers to enjoy the benefits of  fair trade practices, which believes, economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods are the basis for a market that works for everyone.

From a consumer perspective, it is about traceability, knowing the origins of the farm produce they consume – from the process of crop harvesting, the condition in which the produce are stored, the time frame in which they are despatched, the environment of transportation to retail supermarket shelf life.

Fork to farm monitoring solutions


Farm to plate logistics solutions

Farm to plate – trust, sustainability  health & traceability

For the end consumer at home  ordering dishes in a restaurant, it is about trust and traceability – to know the source of the farm produce and its geolocation.

The Farm to Fork strategy is at the heart of the Green Deal. It addresses comprehensively the challenges of sustainable food systems and recognises the inextricable links between healthy people, healthy societies and a healthy planet (EU source)

To implement farm to fork or farm to plate business models, the farmer or procurement agency should adopt technologies such as eCommerce in logistics for the seamless procurement and fulfilment of agri products such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat etc. This will allow the farmers demand higher prices and export opportunities, especially in African countries.

farm to plate in logistics industry

Farm to plate for retail industry

The retailers such as restaurants, gourmet stores and speciality catering services will be able to embed the data elements of the supply chain to negotiate on demand pricing models with the third party logistics carriers. The retailers also get to benefit from less of wastage due to improved shelf life.

Farm to fork monitoring logistics solutions

Farm to plate monitoring logistics platform

Digital platform for logistics eCommerce, fulfilment & customer self service 

With the help of a digital technology enabled farm to fork business model, logistics companies will be able to provide both traceability and digital solutions which will ease the whole process to the stakeholders. Read about farm monitoring solutions.

Reverse auction, group procurement, Industrial Internet of Things, Anomaly detection tools, eCommerce, Robotic Process Automation are some of the technologies being adopted for a Farm to plate logistics provider offering.

The pandemic has thought us the need to care about the environment, to consume natural & organic produce, preferably grown locally or procured from trusted sources.

Export oriented agri businesses need to look at digital platforms which can help in the transformation process.

Ripples-FMS delivers Logistics eCommerce, Farm to fork devices, software solutions and analytics tools.

eCommerce in logistics industry

Deploying eCommerce solutions in the logistics industry can help further digitise the day to day operations related to truck schedules, order processing, store delivery, payments, cold chain monitoring, warehouse space booking and overall visibility to all stakeholders in the farm logistics ecosystem.

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