Single Point Operations Control

Bring clarity and control into your logistics operations by centralizing and optimizing the delivery and transportation process. 

Operations Control & Management

Logistics & transport organizations adopt numerous business improvement methodologies to improve fleet management performance. Logistics as well as supply chain management has been regarded to be the crucial factor for the companies to obtain competitive edge. There are a lot of fleet management solutions available in the market. But does it integrate all your operations under one roof? How well your entire order & trip life cycle is captured?

Lot of business improvement methodologies are adopted by organizations every day in order to increase productivity. Logistics and transportation industry is an extremely competitive one. The companies vie to be better in every department than their counterparts. It all starts with operations control and management. The management should be able to centralize and optimize the delivery and transportation process. The main aim for any logistics & transportation companies would be to organize a cost-effective delivery and storage process. 

Bringing clarity into operations control

Operations control and management should be a comprehensive affair. It should include everything from booking of consignments to capturing proof of delivery. In operations management, factors such as competition, customer preference changes, ever so changing technologies, government policies and even natural calamities affects the overall productivity of the company. Most noteworthy point is that,  a transport company professional is faced with challenges that are multi-faceted. A small manual error can cause huge failures. The focus should be on putting day-to-day operations in order and in-align with the business process of the company.  

The “Operational” Flow

Ripples-FMS fleet management solutions have operations control and management as one of its main modules. It is extremely important for an operations team to capture all of its activities under one roof. Every order starts with an order quotation, well in some cases you may have to capture the order entry directly. There are provisions to export your order quotations directly from the application screen. The order entry form is the place where all the action begins. With a series of master entries including the efficiently captured route master and the customer rates, the order entry form becomes a simple exercise. The user can select the load type (containerized, break bulk, bulk loose, bulk liquid etc.), customer, the number of loads/co-loads, loading and drop-off points and a host of other important features. The container load management is done according to the type and make of cargo; one can easily distribute the loads accordingly. Every stage of the operational entries needs proper approval and acceptance.

Once the order is entered the next step is to assign the trip against the order. Date and time is scheduled of the trip commencement along with details such as the horse and trailers on which the cargo needs to go, driver details etc. With the help of GPS, the user can know the current location of the assigned truck. There is a series of checks before the vehicle can be dispatched. Pre-clearance documents need to be processed, driver expenses has to be paid etc. Once the cargo is dispatched, then the customer can track the status through Ripples-FMS customer portal screens. The final leg includes the effective capturing of POD, adding demurrage charges if any and finally initiating the trip closure. Once the trip is in the closure mode, invoice is generated accordingly. In our software you will also have provisions to manage and configure your return legs as well. The distance run by the truck against a trip is captured well and the driver expenses are also settled.

fleet management solutions

As you can see, each stage of your operations are captured in detail. Thanks to the cloud hosted application, you can see your data anywhere, anytime on just a button click. Administrators will have access to a host of reports including trips control, delays, fuel issued, missing POD, driver bonus, HR recovery etc. Proper email alerts are sent at each stage of operations ensuring its smooth conduct. One can see all the operational data snapshots from the user dashboard itself.

Just to recap, here are a few of the sub-modules that we have in operations control and management module

  • Consignment booking ( Either as independent order or logistics transfer)
  • Scheduling of trucks, its route and  dispatch
  • Expense management including driver, maintenance and fuel expenses.
  • Real-time status update for each trip
  • Proof of Delivery capturing with shortage & excess.
  • In case of delays, add demurrage charges
  • Capturing mileage shortage upon trip closing
  • Vehicle Maintenance Checklist before and after each trip
  • Adjusting driver advance at the end of each trip
  • Trip closing with Mileage shortage capturing, Cargo deduction and Adjust with Driver Advance.
  • Automatic email alerts like loads available, missing pod, empty returns etc.

So if you are a transportation company and is struggling to bring in that much needed control in operations, please write to us. 

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