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Freight forwarding software solutions, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, TanzaniaIntegrated eCommerce warehouse logistics, transportation & freight forwarding is among the key business verticals facing uncertainty with many of the macro trends happening in the world right now. The challenges include everything from operational interruptions due to COVID 19, the uncertain state of the global economy, and poor adoption of cost-effective technologies.

Freight business is extremely process-driven and involves immense paperwork. Manual processing of information can slow down the delivery process and leads to costly mistakes and errors. Most freight forwarders use multiple systems for various functions that succeed in a disconnected supply chain resulting in poor business visibility, inventory control, and inefficiencies. Lack of a self-service system for customers often results in poor transparency in transactions and leads to customer dissatisfaction. Configuring the best price quotes and optimizing transportation is another headache that makes freight forwarding more complex.

Freight forwarding software solutions

Successful freight forwarding in expanding globalized markets ensures that goods reach their final destination in a timely and efficient manner. Adopting the right tools such as an integrated freight management system is essential in today’s scenario for seamless forwarder operations and customer experience.

Transportation logistics management

Serving leading logistic companies across Africa and Asia Pacific regions, Ripples FMS offers an integrated logistics control platform to support transportation, warehouse, container, and freight forwarder operations. Designed to benefit companies of all sizes, the logistics management software ensures hands-on access to operational data, improves communication between client and freight forwarders, improves staff efficiency, and offers seamless integration with third-party systems. 

Features & Benefits of our Freight Forwarding system

Farm to fork Transportation logistics, freight forwarding software South Africa

Here is a snapshot of the Ripples-FMS solution offering to the Freight Forwarders.

Quotation Management

Automatically generate rates for any type of transportation mode and generate & share quotations based on the same. Track the status of quotations and convert to customer orders easily

Transportation Management System

Scheduling, managing, and tracking of pickup & delivery of orders be it local or cross-country, and generate all documentation required.

Customer Relationship Management

Ripples-FMS customer portal ensures timely communications with customers and offers complete transparency in transactions. We provide integrated logistics CRM solutions to improve customer loyalty.

Cargo & Container tracking in freight forwarding

truck monitoring

Ripples FMS wireless inventory trackers integrated logistics platform which encompasses logistics customer portal, warehouse management to track and monitor cargo/container locations;  fleet tyre management & fuel monitoring systems.

Shipping documents & clearance

All relevant documents such as a bill of lading, insurance, and waybills relevant to freight operations can be configured and easily shared with authorities for a fast clearance.

Ripples-FMS freight forwarding solutions

To help freight logistics companies to be better positioned for a post COVID19 world, Ripples-FMS offers customer experience and safety solutions like eCommerce portal, Physical distancing modules, Smart warehouse systems, Driver apps, Contactless deliveries, and payment integrations. Our dedicated onsite implementation and support team offers farm to fork, transportation logistics software deployment, backed by immaculate implementation and helpdesk support.

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