Insurance & Claims Management

freight insurance logistics ERP solution

Ripples-FMS has a comprehensive freight insurance and claims module as part of a logistics ERP solution.  Accidents, thefts, vehicle damages, warehouse inventory, abuse, pilferages, cargo insurance, storage environment, etc. can be tracked and recorded easily

Challenges Faced

The biggest nightmare for any logistics company is when their trucks get involved in an accident or one of their transit parcels get stolen or damaged. Most logistics companies these days have a freight insurance partner for managing their claims and settlements. Standardized claim handling should be a norm across company branches. The transportation and cargo insurance claim recording, review, approval & processing should be done in a systematic manner. The claims module should be integrated with the financial accounts module so that the quick claims can be processed in a very short time.

Ripples FMS Freight Insurance & Claims Module

Module Features
  • Insurance data configuration & settings
  • Integration with insurance providers
  • Incident management & reporting
  • Claims settlement management
  • Status alerts of day-to-day claims
  • Claims Review & Approval
  • Scanning and attaching of insurance documents
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Sensors for live tracking & monitoring
Module Benefits
Freight Insurance & Claims Automation
  • Reduce complexity and staff efforts in insurance processing
  • Time Savings through automated insurance & claims process
  • Reduce operational effort and increase efficiency
  • Less human errors in insurance processing
Coordination & Communication
  • Timely communication & coordination with insurance providers
  • Complete mapping of policy-related details
  • Streamline and optimize the company’s claims process
  • Easily communicate the current status of insurance approval

Being in the transportation and logistics industry, it is important to have internal comprehensive insurance and claims software module as part of your logistics operations. This module should handle & report all types of logistics & transport related insurance, claims, and issues reliably. The insurance & claims module in Ripples-FMS logistics ERP solution offers powerful features to improve the speed and efficiency of insurance & claims management. The insurance module allows authorized users to collaborate easily, in real-time, to build and process each insurance claims in logistics. Claims module is designed to capture issues like accidents, fines, breakdowns, thefts; damages, etc and record it in the system. The thefts and tampering during transit can be tracked using our wireless sensors. Another of sensors can also be used to detect pilferages in case of transportation of fluids and environment conditions of the items in transit.  Custom user dashboards, graphs, and drill-down reports can assist in getting the live status of the claims to be settled.

freight insurance insurance and claims module

Now manage all your claims & freight insurance procedures in a systematic and efficient manner.  Save money by monitoring your fleet 24*7 with our wireless tracking sensors. Reach out to us for more details and expert opinion now!!!


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