Fuel Distribution Management

Fuel Distribution Management

Fuel management system software that can manage your fuel vouchers & expenditure, record and analyze mileage shortages, total fuel expense management, fuel distribution management, integrate with third-party sensor systems for fuel data collection and much more.

Fuel Management System: How does it work?

For every transportation and logistics company, purchase, storage, and distribution of fuel take a bigger share of their operations budget. Some of our clients even allocate 25% of their annual budget on fuel costs. Each transportation and logistics company has a different approach to fuel procurement, storage, and distribution. The ultimate aim for any such company is in improving fuel consumption and thereby target an increase in margin. 

Module Features
  • Track Purchase Order Status
  • Map every cost for the purchase – tax, transport rate, IVA costs & discounts
  • Capture all fuel invoicing details
  • Generate & monitor fuel issue against a trip
  • Fuel management for non-fleet vehicles and machinery
  • Integrating with wireless sensor systems for capturing fuel data
  • Fuel expenditure correlation with the performance of the vehicle and behavior of the driver
Module Benefits
Fuel Purchase
  • End to end purchase order management
  • Approval stages for effective cost control
  • Time savings through the easy conversion of the purchase order to purchase entry
  • Get fuel re-order insights and ensure the timely stock filling
  • Manage bulk fuel purchase & distribution
Fuel Issue
  • Optimization through automated fuel issue-based on route and vehicle
  • Accurate fuel management mechanism avoids revenue leakage
  • Monitor misuse and fraud through efficient fuel usage tracking
  • Manage and track payments with outstation fuel partners
Fuel Efficiency & Driver performance 

Fuel Management System Software

Ripples-FMS fuel management software modules offer a lot of features in determining the effectiveness in your fuel procurement and distribution system. It also helps in total fuel expense management.  The detours and vehicle damages are taken into consideration. Our driver behavior & performance tracking system will allow the managers to correlate the mileage with the driver’s performance. Any consistent & abnormal decrease in mileage can be investigated. Subsequently, if the driver is found guilty, the money can be deducted from his payroll. Our integrated HR module has the provision for the same. Please write to us for a free consultation and gap analysis. With our experience and expertise, we would be able to guide you on how you can manage your fuel distribution management better.


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