Geofencing in the logistics industry

The ability to track your fleet anytime and anywhere is of great importance. Especially, if you are shipping high-value and time-bound freights. There is a need to ensure that the fleet involved in such shipping doesn’t move away from a pre-determined trip route.  As a logistics & transportation provider, you may have a lot of orders coming in back to back. Truck allocation becomes key here as you would be looking for the most suitable trucks and trailers to execute the order. But often, your team would have no idea where exactly your trucks are and at what time they would be reaching your yard. This will result in a delay in the trip planning process. Geofencing is one such technology by which we can draw an invisible perimeter area around set coordinates. This will help capture all your fleet inside that particular zone. 

How does logistics Geofencing work?

Geofencing technology uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to track and monitor inside this virtual boundary. This technology helps your back office to track critical shipments. You can also use this technology to intimate your customers regarding their current shipment location.

Geofencing can also be used to ensure that your drivers deliver the shipment to the right location. This can be achieved by creating user-defined zones with set rules. Your operations team can set alerts if your freight does not arrive at a particular geofenced location in a pre-defined time frame. This particular feature allows reducing theft and abuse to the shipment cargo. 

Logistics Geofencing through Ripples-FMS

geofencing trip allocation

One of our clients has a base in a Southern African country. They wanted to track their returning trucks and alert them if the truck reaches within a set kilometer radius of their main yard. Ripples FMS had already been centralizing all the operations through logistics management software.

Our client wanted to know the truck location in order to schedule and allocate the same for the next trip. The distance can set by our client via Ripples-FMS and the trucks are fitted in with GPS trackers. In the truck allocation screen, all trucks in the set perimeter radius will be shown. Details such as driver name, truck & trailer number, exact GPS location, etc. will also be displayed. Map view is also provided for better visualization. The tracking accuracy is nearly 85% and our client has been able to quicken their truck allocation process through this feature. More trips mean more revenue for the company 

Ripples-FMS logistics geofencing solutions for trip allocation

Future Ready logistics geofencing solutions

Embracing geofencing will be a mandatory norm in the future. The logistics, transportation, and supply chain companies who early adopt the same will have a definite edge over their competitors.

In short, we believe Geofencing is the best possible way to ensure your trucks reach from origin to destination and vice-versa without any incidents. It can also support you as a trip planning tool and aid in your truck allocation process and can help gain more control over your fleet. GDPR compliance in logistics is gaining importance.

Do call us for more information on Logistics Geofencing technology. 

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