HR & Payroll Management

Integrated HR Management

One stop module for all HR related activities including Payroll Management, Employee handling, Reports and Training & Development

Human resource management system is a must have for any company across any industry. The resources in a company need to be best utilized to ensure maximum productivity. A well-covered payroll management system is also half the headache gone for HR managers.

In the transportation and logistics industry, multiple teams would be working in different locations across various shifts. Manually controlling their work logs and payrolls are near to impossible.

What Ripples-FMS HR & Payroll Management Software provide?

payroll management system

An effective human resource management system should be an integrated solution that should able to monitor, regularize and manage your resources. Ripples-FMS HR & Payroll management software is designed to achieve smooth handling of HR operations and thereby gain maximum productivity from your resources.

Besides activities in payroll and leave management, the employee management system module also includes options to manage staff loans and advances, deductions, bonuses, arranging training programs, etc.

The overall system ensures that the data, especially of your senior management and director level employees are kept confidential. The HR application is completely scalable and is aligned with your resource growth plans in the future.

Module Features

  • Employee document management
  • Automated payroll management
  • Payslip preparation/appraisal
  • Biometric Integration
  • Leave management system
  • Loan/Salary advance management
  • HR based reports and push notifications
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Staff deductions
  • Calculating driver bonus against each trips
  • Conducting and evaluating staff training programs

Module Benefits

Payroll Control

  • Effective monitoring on employee related finances
  • Remove headaches in payroll preparations
  • More informed decisions based on HR reports
  • Improves Employee self service

Employee Management System

  • Accurate capturing of employee information
  • Smooth handling of routine HR tasks
  • Enhanced employee-employer communication
  • Complete visibility on human resources
  • Improvement in training capabilities

By implementing Ripples-FMS HR & payroll management system, you can centralize HR operations, thereby helping your organization reduce cost and gain more visibility of resources.

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