Warehouse tracking

Warehouse indoor GPS, inventory tracking, logistics supply chain, anti theft sensors, smart logistics,

Smart logistics, supply chain, warehouse optimisation

  • Locate cargo & spares inventory items easily
  • Track the movement of objects within warehouse
  • Know about inventory in each zone with 5 meter accuracy
  • Reduce the possibility of theft and mis handling

Indoor positioning in workshop & warehouse management

Lowest cost per inventory tracking solutions with up to 5 meter accuracy, battery life of 10 years and reporting interval of 10 minutes.

Immensely improves efficiency, locate inventory, cargo, people and equipment in logistics supply chain workshops, warehouses and production units.

Helps in improving storage patterns, understand people movement to fine-tune workflow. Track forklifts and improve their productivity.

Smart logistics, warehouse inventory tracking with indoor positioning

Industrial IOT solutions can produce rich inventory data from warehouse operations in a supply chain logistics environment. Enhanced with wireless tags, and anchors that enable data capture and cargo identification down to the consignment level. Here is your waybill – rack # 4, zone 5.

Imagine the time saved in pickup and drop of high value cargo in your warehouse. Think about the savings it would bring by reducing theft and mis placement of consignments transported on behalf of your customers.

IOT enabled warehouse systems can ensure a continuous flow of information on inventory levels, trucks, cargo, drivers and location. This factor alone could increase inventory accuracy by up to 95 percent, apart from reducing cases of theft and abuse.

Further benefits of implementing internet of things in logistics, warehousing operations includes controlling inventory loss, theft and damage prevention, forecasting demand based on historical data, timely detection of load discrepancies, bottleneck identification, workplace safety, environmental conditions, intruder detection, etc.

Industrial internet of things enabled smart logistics software also enables workflow automation in the warehouse and supply chain logistics industry. The traditional step-by-step approach to filling purchase orders involves capturing requests via a logistics software, allocating existing inventory to the orders, and manual picking them up.

Implementation of IOT in a warehouse environment

Although industrial IOT in warehouse (track and trace, environment, condition monitoring, worker safety, security) is steadily making its way to storage facilities in Singapore, the adoption of connected warehouse systems remains the exception rather than the rule, and is mostly driven by the Asia Pacific (APAC) market’s key players. SME companies can benefit much from the adoption of IOT in warehouse and the government grants can be put to good use here.

In the age of Logistics 4.0, “everything”, visibility in supply chain is crucial to ensuring that a well-oiled machine. IOT powered factories, warehouse management, and control applications offer a whole new way to manage production work-flow, administer storage space, equipment, tasks and material flows