IOT logistics platform

Wireless monitoring in logistics management
IOT logistics platform, Internet of things

In transit, theft can be reduced drastically using our innovative solutions. Our wireless sensor-enabled logistics management system can help medium and large sized transport companies and logistics operators save millions.

The wireless sensor, internet of things (IOT) integrated cargo protection solution with analytics services, real-time data interface and smart rules help supply chain visibility by enabling complete information into the condition, real-time inventory, and location of every connected vehicle. Use our IOT logistics platform for new insights delivered through the customer logistics portal

  • Track truck tire for usage, rotation, replacements
  • Sends alerts on consignment and truck arrival/departure, automatic check-in and check-out at warehouses and yards
  • Collects & analyzes data on the condition & location of cargo, machines & trucks to ensure performance
  • Provides 24/7 support enabled with a data logging platform and sensor integration using remote connectivity tools
  • Shares information on the environment of storage, delivery schedule, parking, traffic with the partners and suppliers
  • Logistics yard monitoring – Arrivals, departure, workforce, driver tracking.
  • Workflow and productivity monitoring in logistics yard
  • Implement sensor-based prediction for maintenance.
  • Data on theft/abuse of cargo and equipment, vibration, etc and ensures full visibility into the cost of delivery.


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