Inventory Control in Logistics Operations

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Logistics companies, regardless of their size or type always find inventory control and stock management as complex processes. It is not just about arranging your inventory items in your warehouses, stores, or workshops. The process starts right from its acquisition. Purchased or transportation components are put into shelves, bins, or stock areas. There may be times when inventory levels are high and storage space is low. The ever-increasing consumer demand and service-level expectancy have forced logistics companies to store and manage & optimize inventory count in their warehouses and storage areas. 

Track & Optimize Inventory in Workshops and Warehouses

Transportation and logistics companies usually deal with a lot of inventory be it in their warehouses, workshops, or office stores. An efficient inventory stock management system becomes crucial to their day-to-day operations. The authorities have to get a real-time picture of the inventory on hand, inventory in transit, and inventory in the work process. By having ready access to the inventory levels, the workshop operations can be planned accordingly and the service management can be conducted smoothly. 

Inventory Control Transportation

Logistics ERP solutions like Ripples-FMS will have operational advantages just in time inventory management in workshops.

Adding job cards, raising spare requests against job orders, managing purchase of spares, transfer of stocks between branches and warehouses, stock valuation, etc. are some of the crucial aspects in the day-to-day working of any fleet workshops.

The main motive behind having a systematic method is to avoid theft and bring clarity in the quotation, purchase order, and purchases. Multiple levels of approval and checking will give transparency in expenses like purchase

Optimize your logistics management workflow

Optimizing logistics operations should be the key to any management software in this domain. There is a sequence of the workflow to purchase an item in Ripples-FMS like Quotation – Purchase Order – Purchase Entry. In order to proceed to the next stage, proper top-level approvals are needed. Stock management especially in tire stock management can be done with the help of barcode and brand number generation. The system provides a single-click analysis of the stock values of spares and truck tires in store and in transit. Easy steps can be provided to manage the returns from trucks and purchase returns to the suppliers. This can be done by adjusting the credit notes against the bills.  You can read more about our logistics software advantages

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