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Comprehensive inventory management software to manage your stocks and ensure smooth conduct of your workshop operations. The system also features custom-built software for inventory control, stock & warehouse management solutions

Inventory Management Software

Inventory tracking is a constant headache for all transport logistics companies. Be it their warehouses, workshops or stores, logistics, and transport companies deal with a lot of spares and stocks. For their daily operations, inventory management software plays a crucial role.  By implementing an indoor positioning system and inventory control software, logistics companies will be able to save millions of dollars through improved accountability and transparency in inventory management. For warehouses, the implementation of warehouse management software is important in handling day-to-day operations. Overall, the system aids in the complete inventory management in workshops.

Inventory management in workshops

Our R&D team at Ripples-FMS has given predominant importance for the optimization and centralization of logistics operations during our product design phase.  The complete workflow happening in a logistics inventory management is being captured correctly. From assigning the quotation to purchase order generation to stock entry, we provide custom-built software solutions where everything is recorded and digitized.  Each of the above-mentioned activities is approved by the concerned authorities in order to move to the next step. The stock control software module takes care of the warehouse and store stocks, especially items like tires and high-cost spare parts. Barcode and brand number generation is part of the module. All the holding stocks are analyzed in detail with a single click. Counting of tires is being done with tire patches and machines.  Against the bills, credit notes can be adjusted and the returns can be managed effectively. Above all, purchase returns to the suppliers are recorded as well in our inventory control software.

Module Features
  • Inventory count of all your stock
  • Create item purchase orders and quotations
  • The multi-level process approval system
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Centralized Purchase and money control in the main branch
  • Tyre rotations, Scrapping & Recycle/Retread.
  • Job card additions
  • Purchase Return Management
  • Re-order level alerts
  • Job order based spare request
  • Stock transfer between branches
  • Tyre Inspections (Manual/Automatic through Tyre Patch device)
Module Benefits
Stock Control
  • Real-time stock-in-hand info
  • Control & track on stock purchase & issue
  • Accurate inventory planning insights
  • Eliminate stock-outs & excess stock scenarios
Manage Inventory
  • Reduce chances for theft and pilferage
  • Effective management of complex inventory tasks
  • Achieve efficiency and productivity in operations
  • No more chances of lost inventory

So if you are still stuck with age-old MS Excel for inventory management in workshops, kindly read one of our logistics software logs, on why we should move on immediately from the same to a complete stock control software. We also provide warehouse management software module. Please write to us for free expert advice about bringing more clarity into your logistics operations, inventory management, and control. We can help you implement custom-built inventory management software solutions suited for your company.  Next>>

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