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Our Client
TCM Transportes is a major tycoon in the transportation sector in Mozambique. They manage the transportation and delivery of goods to most parts of Africa. They own more than 200 trucks and operate in the eastern, central, and southern parts of Africa mainly. The client came to us with a request to streamline their logistics management. They were facing multiple pain points with inaccurate invoicing, lack of clarity in the spread of information, high cost due to mismanagement of cargo and delays in processing. Furthermore,  the client was using a paper trail and wanted to move to more modern and technocentric management.
Ripples-FMS Critical Analysis
When finding solutions it is always important to consider all the factors that define the problem. Our first course of action was to analyze the many sides of operations management and define what was critical. For this, we visited the site of all their operations and spent a few days observing and collecting data which helped immensely during the new implementation in contactless logistics operations.
Our Solution for the logistics industry
The main requirement for the client was a fleet management system that could keep real-time track of cargo trucks. We built an integrated logistics management system that could handle multiple verticals of Human Resources, Operations, Finance, and Inventory. The client’s operations were spread throughout the subcontinent of Africa and so an open once, use anywhere principle had to be formulated.
Our solution involved developing an Enterprise Resource Planning system that incorporated all the requirements such as logistics of transportation and fleet management. We also added a human resource section with payroll management stock control and inventory handling, warehouse management, vehicle performance analysis, and driver behavior inspection.
Logistics Software Toolkit
Our design and development were exclusively done using the Django Framework, a high-level most sought-after web framework that is constructed using Python language. The solution offered support for multiple browsers and added protection by encrypted passwords. It is also future-proofed by cloud integration applicability.
Measurable success to the Ripples-FMS solution
To estimate any solution we need to have a value system. The increase in revenue, smoother operation, a Work from Home provision, status updates, added accuracy in invoicing, high impact reporting, improved services, time-bound alerts, control of expense payments, fuel stock management, and vehicle document tracking are some of the areas where we made significant inroads.
Increased efficiency in cargo delivery
Earlier, drivers used to wait in front of the counters for the clearance documents which wasted more than 2 hours of their precious time and this affected the on-time delivery. The FMS solution using an instant email feature sends the clearance documents directly to the agents which significantly reduced 90% of the overall waiting time.
Our provision for Work From Home
Our implementation made sure that the users were able to work even during the pandemic. We made sure that the Web Application was running smoothly and compatibility to mobile phones was checked so that employees could work remotely in case of possible lockdowns.
Automatic status updates to the customers
We ensured automatic updates via email to each customer in real-time with tracking information.
Accurate Invoicing
Our solution has a provision to find predefined customer rates that can calculate the total cargo charges automatically. This significantly reduces the time in invoice preparation by 80% and also limits the users’ need for manual intervention.
High impact reports
Earlier, they had to spend two days preparing reports manually on excel sheets. Some reports used to take more time. The Ripples-FMS solution offered the advantage of automatically generating all the control reports and also gave a provision that sends it to the selected employee’s email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This automation saves 100% of the time for manual preparations of reports. Read about Logistics MIS and data visualisation.
Improved services
We implemented a customer portal that helps customers to have real-time visibility into logistics and added transparency to logistics activity by providing a monitoring system wherein a customer can have a consolidated view. This can include real-time tracking of cargo, pending invoices, customer order status, and download all related documents. Smart logistics software is on the roadmap
Time-bound alerts
Timely alert and simplified payment and settlement in FMS reduces 50 % of the time in driver expenses.
Expense payment control
Integrated Mpesa service provides a fast and convenient money-transfer system that is available throughout the country and accessible to everyone with a mobile phone.
Accurate fuel stock management and alert
Fuel was one of the key areas where our client was more cautious about the possibility of theft and manipulation. Our solution made sure that the client can manage and track fuel stocks efficiently. The system provides daily mail alerts of fuel stocks and transactions to the management so that better tracking of fuel purchases and refills was maintained.
Vehicle document tracking
Our client relied upon their trucks for all operations and hence the most important asset. A document tracker that checked authenticity was required at all times. We ensured a monitoring system that offered document tracking with time-bound alerts. It could track the status of the document and avoid confusion between a running trip and a stalled one.
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