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With 2 decades of existence in the International markets, Ripples-FMS is the Logistics Management Software solution that offers a very high positive ROI for your investment. With the Ripples-FMS Logistics cost savings calculator, it is already proven that the results are greater than or equal to the resources invested by our clients. That’s what it simply means clients use to have a positive Return on Investment (ROI) within a short time after adopting Ripples-FMS to their organization.

Ineffective utilization of transporting vehicles

One of the primary concerns for most of the transporting organizations is  low rate of trips per month for their vehicles. This is due to lack of route optimization systems and inability to track cargo across various locations. Potential logistic companies capable to operate more trips per month are unable to tap the opportunity with old manual processing and legacy software systems.

Business & customer growth

As per a recent survey, 60% of logistics companies find it very difficult to communicate real time info with their customers and maintain relationships. Most companies lack a proper customer relations management platform that offers higher customer visibility which is a key strategy to business and customer growth.

Lack of analysis & real time info

Effective and real time info is key to strategic decisions. Most logistic providers lack effective business analysis tools and reporting dashboards for effective management decision making. Management reports are crucial to tap hidden expenses and potential revenues in the business. 

Ineffective purchase management, control & Theft

Ineffectiveness & revenue leakage in the following areas:

  • Misused consumption of vehicle spare parts
  • Theft of tyres and spare parts 
  • Theft of cargo during the journey
  • Poor fuel management
  • Issue of wrong invoices

Empty running of trucks and truck delays

Each empty km run by the truck is an expense for the transporter. Most often trucks need to run empty kilometres as logistic companies are lacking with proper info on goods pending to be transported from its branches to various locations. As per research, truck delays at various points (border clearance, workshops offloading, documentation, etc.) result in a loss of $ 240 per day.

Lack of alerts, driver assessment & rating

Alerts w.r.t truck license expiry, export permits expiry, vehicle service due, driver license expiry are most often absent in legacy manual and old software systems. Absence of driver performance rating systems to identify problematic and under performing drivers are often absent which increase average driver expense per month.

Ripples-FMS being a standardized logistic software comes with world class product quality, robust architecture and fail-safe technology. The solution is completely built from a customer oriented perspective addressing the pain points of  parcel operators, fleet owners and giant cargo movers. 

How Ripples-FMS solves pain points?

  • Ripples-FMS features centralised online enquiry system, efficient tracking of consignments from any branch office, tracking of underutilized trucks and route planner facility that helps to increase the rate of trips per truck and avoid running of empty kilometers during round trips.
  • Web based customer portal and two way SMS engine for customer interactions helps to communicate real time info and results into more customer transparency.
  • Management information system with dashboards, Branch wise revenue and expense analysis, stock analysis, traffic analysis, booking and dispatch analysis backed by more than 200+ management reports helps for real time strategic information and decision making.
  • Centralized stock monitoring module alerts misused consumption of spare parts and do accurate cost allocation and  fuel issue to the fleet. Wrong invoices and malpractices in trip expense billing that forms a standard 1 % loss of total revenue in the industry is no more a concern through Ripples-FMS billing and expense template configurations.
  • Ripples-FMS alerts users on important truck and driver license expiry to avoid unnecessary fines during trips. It monitors annual maintenance contracts, tracks breakdown, repair history and thus ensure optimum asset utilization. Driver ranking and behaviour tracking system in Ripples FMS ranks driver behaviour based on previous trips.
  • Ripples-FMS facilitates enhanced document management that helps users to scan, index, store, retrieve and print important border and port documents, dispatch documents that reduce delays at various process points.
  • Sensor based asset tracking and monitoring solutions to eliminate cargo theft during journey, theft of tyres, environment monitoring solutions to track temperature and humidity for perishable goods, tracking of spillage of hazardous chemicals and so on.

Ripples-FMS Logistics cost savings & ROI Calculator

The Ripples FMS ROI benefits cover a wide breadth of parameters within the transportation and logistics management process. Our basic ROI calculations for logistic companies demonstrates that there is certainly a huge amount of money that can be saved through a software enabled process and work-flow automation. 

A sample benefit & savings ROI chart for logistic companies

ProblemScenario post Ripples FMS implementationCost savings
Empty km run by trucksX % of average empty km per month has been reduced.9999.99
Increased spare parts consumptionX % of Avg Spares Issued per month has been reduced9999.00

Calculating ROI can help you understand what’s working and not working in your business and bring significant changes. Like the above, Ripples FMS is equipped with researched calculations that can demonstrate the savings based on 10 + industry parameters once the Ripples FMS software is adopted. 

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