Logistics Customer Portal

Logistics Customer Portal

One-click track and trace & logistics management tool for your customers with updates on GPS location, pallets on the truck, temperature, humidity, and other parameters. An online portal which will act as a complete logistics information system for your customers

The Need for a Logistics Customer Portal

The ever-so growing competition in the transportation and logistics sector has forced companies to look for innovative ways to acquire or retain a customer. Nowadays the customer looks for logistics information system that gives visibility in the movement of their products. The information should be effective, precise, time-saving and easy to obtain.

Ripples-FMS logistics management software has an integrated logistics customer portal which helps your valuable customers to track and trace their cargo-related information in real-time. Conceived and developed on an entire open-source technology and architecture, the customer portal provides a seamless and digital logistics & transportation experience for your customers. 

Module Features

  • Secured customer access
  • Existing invoice & trip-based information
  • Alerts on pending payments against invoices
  • Management of documents such as bill of lading
  • POD management
  • Summarized reports

Module Benefits

Real-Time Tracking

  • Real-time tracking using map views
  • Customers can track shipment status 24*7
  • One-click online access for your customers
  • Easily retrieve trip and invoicing histories

Visibility to Your Customer

  • Increased trust and transparency in customer invocing
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduce your workload by providing live data to your customers


1 Landing Page
5 Invoice Details
4 Tracking Details
3 Trip Details

Other than these, we feel the biggest gain for any customer is the transparency that they get in the transportation process. Customers can view all their data, especially track shipment status in real-time and on a single click of a button. By providing the customer access to your logistics and transportation network, you would be helping them optimize their supply chain and maximize their ROI.

We are also trying to integrate analytics tools in the next phase of development.

Our logistics customer portal is designed to be responsive, efficient and quick. This logistics information system can be accessed from any device working on any operating system. Being associated with this industry for close to three decades now, we at Ripples-FMS know what your customer need.

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