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As today’s logistic business environment is full of uncertainty, trust and transparency in trade are of utmost importance. Tracking and monitoring of logistics eCommerce business parameters are so complex, which the logistics and transportation companies should make ease for their customers using powerful tools like Customer Portals.

Ripples FMS offers a comprehensive customer portal to help logistic businesses pass real-time info to their customers. This can include real-time tracking of cargo, condition monitoring, pending invoices, warehouse inventory, and other logistics parameters. The system helps your customers to have real-time visibility into logistic business and all logistics activity can be monitored in one consolidated view.

Need for an Online Logistics Customer Portal

Provides visibility and transparency in your business

Ripples FMS customer portal provides end to end visibility to your customers for their shipment orders. Right from quotation management, customers can place orders and monitor their logistic partner actions in real-time. Customers can monitor the status of their orders, track their cargo during transit and even upload or download important shipping documents such as Bill of Lading, POD and customs clearance documents.  

The system helps logistic and transportation companies to increase customer trust and establish good customer relationships. Also, it helps to effectively transfer online invoices, alert customer on invoice payments and reduce chances of delayed payments.

Logistics customer portal Track Shipment Status

Supports production planning

Tracking the raw materials required for manufacturing is complex for many of your customers like manufacturing businesses. The raw materials may be available at different warehouse locations or some of the components may not have even reached the warehouses. This complicates the optimal production planning and coordination of the manufacturing process for your manufacturing customers.

Manufacturing and distribution companies can use the Ripples FMS customer portal to have access to information on arrival and dispatch of raw material and finished goods. The portal system helps them to effectively plan their procurement, production, and delivery schedules.  Moreover, our advanced sensor-based technologies transmit real-time location information and alert in case there is any missing of raw material components.

Intelligent warehouse management & smart logistics

Ripples FMS integrated logistics eCommerce & customer portal helps your valuable customers to track their cargo-related information right from a warehouse gate-in till gate-out. Within the portal, customers can track the goods location/ zone within the warehouse, identify loading/ unloading goods status and coordinate online management of shipping documents. Logistics inventory management module along with indoor positioning systems ensures precise inventory location & count of goods in racks, trolleys, & bins. Ripples FMS also offers an enhanced eCommerce module whereby customers can view the warehouse space available for storage, book the space and initiate payments completely online.

Smart Logistics: Features

  • Status updates at each point of logistics process to customer
  • Customer chatbots, online enquiries, customer quotation management
  • Warehouse inventory management and cargo movement updates
  • Alerts on pending payments against invoices
  • Online shipping documents management –  bill of lading, POD, customer clearance documents
  • Summarized customer relationship management reports
  • Integrated with condition monitoring and environment monitoring technologies
  • Ecommerce portal to book warehouse space and trucks
  • Trip performance history and delivery performance score

Smart Logistics: Benefits

Real-Time Tracking
  • Customers can access all logistics activity in one consolidated view
  • Customers can track shipment status 24*7
  • Effective management of shipping documents in one place
  • Reduced errors and increased efficiency in customers business operations
Visibility to Your Customer
  • Increased trust and transparency in customer invoicing
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Smooth communication between logistic providers and customers
  • Ensure customer and working people safety through online communications

Optimize supply chain and maximize ROI

As social distancing is in practice due to safety norms, customer self-service portals are gaining much importance. By providing the customer access to smart logistics and transportation network, logistic organizations are helping their customers to optimize the supply chain and maximize their ROI. The customer portal is also equipped with sensor-based technologies like condition monitoring and environmental monitoring. Condition monitoring alert theft or physical shocks to cargo while environment monitoring technologies monitor climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity during the cargo transit and within warehouses. The web-based customer portal can be accessed from anywhere, anytime which enables customers to turn end-to-end supply chain operations insights into a competitive advantage.

Being associated with this industry for close to three decades now, we at Ripples-FMS know what your customer need. Call, Chat or Mail us for more details and info on the Ripples-FMS customer portal.

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