Logistics customer portal

As today’s logistic business environment is full of uncertainty, trust and transparency in trade are of utmost importance. For example, tracking and monitoring of logistics inventory can be complex, which the logistics and transportation companies should simplify for their clients using  tools such as logistics customer portal software to embrace the digital transformation journey.

Ripples-FMS offers an Innovative customer portal to help logistics businesses share valuable information with their clients. This can include real-time tracking of cargo, account balances, warehouse inventory, cold chain parameters, pending invoices, etc.

The warehouse logistics portal software will help in providing your customers with real-time visibility into their inventory, arrivals, shipments, documentation procedures, operations, and back-office matters in a secure manner, similar to net banking

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Logistics customer portal: Benefits

Real-Time information

  • Customers can access all logistics activity in one consolidated view
  • Customers can track shipment status 24*7
  • Effective management of shipping documents in one place
  • Reduced errors and increased efficiency in business operations
  • Alerts on missing documents, customers can upload  themselves
  • CRM for raising the complaints or feedbacks and its escalations 
  • Request for quotation option for routes or commodities

Increased trust and transparency 

  • Improved customer satisfaction, competitive advantage.
  • Smooth communication between logistic providers and customers
  • Ensure customer and employee people safety through online communications

Provides visibility and transparency in your business

Digital Logistics customer portal software for Tracking Shipment StatusRipples-FMS logistics customer portal provides end-to-end visibility to your customers for their shipment orders through the online portal. Right from quotation management, customers can place orders and monitor their logistic partner’s actions in real-time. Customers can monitor the status of their orders, track their cargo during transit and even upload or download important shipping documents such as Bill of Lading, POD, and customs clearance documents.  

The system helps logistic and transportation companies to increase customer trust and establish good customer relationships. Also, it helps to effectively transfer online invoices, alert customers on invoice payments, and reduce the chances of delayed payments. Cost savings in logistics can be achieved by deploying a robust  portal

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