Business Gap Analysis

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Logistics industry, business gap analysis, ERP software implementation

Ripples-FMS offer professional gap analysis consultation for the logistics  & transportation industry, as part of the ERP software implementation process.

With 20+ years of industry experience, we know the pulse and pain points of the logistics & transportation sector.  Our experts would be traveling to your official site and submitting a comprehensive report after conducting a detailed gap analysis from identifying department wise key usage statistics & percentage reports to suggesting optimal improvement methodologies,  we can help you achieve operational excellence and thereby taking your company to the next level. 

Business Gap Analysis

What do we offer?
  • Department wise & Role-based analysis
  • Key usage statistics & percentage for each department
  • Measuring current performance and comparison to industry standards
  • Summarized company performance statistics
  • Gap analysis consultation report
  • Recommendations & Suggestions for improvement across departments

Understanding the various aspects of operations and strategic management in the logistics supply chain industry is important in running a successful logistics business. Before installing ERP software, it is important to understand the flaws in the manual process or existing ms-excel based data storage methods. A professional gap analysis consulting job can help you with these aspects. Applicable to multi-modal logistics companies as well.

The process
  • Interviewing key stakeholders of the organization
  • Understanding logistics industry trends
  • Meetings with managers in the organization
  • Process mapping based on existing practices
  • Mapping the industry best practices
  • Meetings with the customer base
  • Understanding the gaps in existing process viz a viz industry trends & best practices
  • Systematic mapping of the workflow
  • Scoping the cost-benefit and Return On Investment analysis

However, due to evolving business models, competition and industry disruption, companies tend to grow in an unstructured manner. This results in nonstandard practices and procedures that allow inefficiencies to creep in.

Performing a gap analysis in the business process of your logistics industry practices would help weed out the duplicate processes. An ERP software implementation that is well structured can help reduce these bottlenecks to increase internal efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Warehouse optimisation, asset tracking, outdoor tracking

Improved internal efficiency would also mean aligning to the needs of the demanding markets, by providing value-added logistics services to your customers to achieve their internal efficiencies through warehouse optimisation, workshop management, outdoor tracking, production planning, workforce & asset tracking, logistics rental management, etc.

Logistics industry consulting

Call our logistics business consultant today and understand how gap analysis services can help you understand internal bottlenecks and adopt a cloud-ready, logistics software implementation strategy.

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