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Warehouse of the future

Operator – Hello, Good morning from Smart logistics LLC, Kigali, Rwanda. How can I help you Prospect – I need to book 25 of your temperature-controlled facility for a week. We need to see the space & want to keep track of the gourmet dairy cheese we export regularly to South Africa.  We also

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Digital disruption in logistics

In the African Logistics Industry. 40 percent annual growth in e-commerce activity is predicted over the next decade. African eCommerce logistics companies have started digitization with automation in picking, packing, and sorting operations. This is due to the increasing demand for omnichannel distribution models.

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Freight forwarding solutions

Logistics solutions for the new normal  Integrated farm to fork logistics, transportation & freight forwarding are among the key business verticals facing uncertainty with many of the macro trends happening in the world right now. The challenges include everything from operational interruptions due to COVID 19, the uncertain state of the global economy, and poor

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Logistics eCommerce store

Selling online in logistics eCommerce in logistics? In the post Covid19 new normal, we see that consumer behaviour has changed drastically for the better. Lockdowns have made citizens more aware of health, online purchases have increased beyond expectations, although consumption is limited to essential goods alone. This trend is going to have an impact on

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Logistics 4.0

Digital platform for for logistics 4.o   Ecommerce & Customer Portal systems in digital Logistics Digital logistics platform – The world has changed a lot in the last few months. Transformation, which usually happens in a decade, accelerated in a span of 3 months for the new normal.  Here are a few e-commerce incorporated business

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Logistics business continuity

When the whole world is coping up with the COVID19 pandemic, it is not wrong to say that the logistics business is among the worst affected. International trade has taken a hit and that has reflected in the supply chain logistics & transportation industry as well. The industry is moving to towards consolidation, eCommerce lead

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