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Ensure customer satisfaction

What does your customer expect in these tough times? Moreover, How well are you equipped in ensuring customer satisfaction in such adverse business conditions? Based on our 3 decades of logistics industry experience, Ripples FMS has understood that the customers desire responsive, engaging and easy-to-use experiences across all touch-points. Logistics customer portal is one such way

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Productive Multi-Modal Transportation

Multi-Modal Transportation Management in ASEAN countries In trade logistics, it is important to have professionally managed transportation systems in place. Generally, shipping costs are higher in long-distance trades.  The multi-modal transportation management concept was first developed in Western Europe.  Cost-effective “port-port”, “door-to-door”, “yard-yard” movement of cargo are facilitated through a single transport operator. Asian countries

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Managing rental equipment

Improve accountability, reduce theft & abuse The world is moving towards the OPEX model as far as capital expenses are concerned. In the consumer space, companies such as AirBnB, Uber, etc have made their mark in providing high quality, affordable services with the help of digital media technologies. In the logistics & transportation industry, managing

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Centralized Fleet Management

Major Challenges Faced  One of the major challenges for any transportation and logistics company is the effective operations management of its owned fleet. These days fleet management and truck monitoring are not just limited to vehicle details entry and normal GPS based tracking. New-age technologies such as vehicle telematics, help transportation companies get a real-time

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Logistics 4.0

IOT platform development for logistics 4.o In the supply chain logistics sector, one of the main challenges is the digitization of the supply chain in order to optimize time, tasks and investments. In fact, longer distances, shorter lead times, lack of clarity in goods tracking, fluctuating quantities depending on the period, are forcing surface logistics companies to

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Reduce Transit Delays at the border

One of the major pain points that any logistics and transportation industry face is the delay faced in cross-border clearance. They would ideally want to reduce transit delays where possible to improve customer service. Logistics ERP solution can help reduce cross-border delay and bring operational excellence in the logistics and transportation industry  Each cross-border transit

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