Solution for TCM Transportes, Mozambique

We were recently approached by TCM Transportes, Mozambique to build a total logistics management ERP solution. The client has more than 200 trucks in their fleet and mainly operates across eastern, central and southern part of Africa.  Our team spent few days at client’s premises to do understand their work process in detail and studied some of their pain-points in detail.

One of their major concerns regarding logistics and transportation management was about lack of accurate and timely information reaching the main office. Irregular delivery time, high logistics costs, delays in processing, careless handling of cargos, inaccurate invoice management etc. were some of the pain points that they were facing in overall management process.

Keeping track of everything simultaneously became a great challenge for the administrators and the need of the hour was an integrated logistics management solution. The proposed solution should manage HR, operations, finance and inventory modules. Since they had branches across many countries in Africa, the client was on the look-out for a web-based solution. 

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Ripples-FMS: An integrated transportation & logistics management solution

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Being in the transportation and logistics industry in Africa for close to a decade now, we are familiar with the tricks and trades of the industry and the region. We have seen companies use spreadsheets for managing their data, and here is why we thought it was not such a good practice. We have designed and developed a cloud based solution for a leading logistics provider in Mozambique that addressed their various management and administrative issues. We already have a dedicated on-site team of developers, project managers to support and aid the client’s team.

We developed an integrated logistics and transportation management solution which was completely scalable according to client’s requirements. All the modules, including human resources with payroll management, stock control & inventory management, financial management, warehouse management, vehicle performance and driver behavior correlation etc addressed client’s pain points. Completely designed and developed in Python’s Django framework, the application supported multiple browsers and could be accessed via an encrypted password through any of their branches.

Presently the application is hosted in client’s own head office server although in future can be moved to cloud based platforms without any issues. The management was able to track cargo shortages, pilferage and damages caused due to careless handling.  Truck-wise, trip-wise, P&L, invoice reports etc. provided great insights into the company’s daily operations.

Key Benefits & Features
  • Integrated logistics operations
  • Accurate and timely information
  • Reduce cost of operations
  • Proper Invoicing and financial accounting
  • Multi-branch, Multi-currency support
  • Insights on warehouse inventory levels
  • To-Do alerts and notifications

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So in short Ripples-FMS can combine the power of IoT and effectiveness of logistics management ERP to create a smart and connected supply chain for a leading logistics company like yours. Our dedicated team in Africa can come to your premises, do a system study and identify the best possible solution for your company. You can learn more about the software advantages here

Do reach to us for a free consultation or live demo of our advanced logistics and transportation management solution.