Comprehensive Invoicing Procedures

Invoicing managing complex freight invoices invoice management software

Logistics invoice management software helps transportation companies in managing complex freight invoices across multiple branches

 Assured and verified invoices are a crucial aspect of the overall logistics process. A system with proper invoicing will take surprises out for the clientele. An unhappy customer is a business loss and proper handling of invoices plays a major part in the retention process. Ripples-FMS has been providing logistics management software with comprehensive invoice management software module for freight & transport companies for more than two decades now. Being in this industry for long, we have seen a lot of logistics companies struggle in managing complex freight invoices frequently.

Invoice Management made simpler

In Ripples-FMS logistics management invoicing module, you can handle any kind of complex invoicing in a systematic manner. In a logistics & transportation company, you have lot of entries associated with an invoice.  There will be anticipated invoices, additional costs, credit/debit notes, demurrage charges etc. to be managed in a trip. All of these entries can be  managed using a single window. Subsequent reports can be generated accordingly. Our invoice management software module is a total system that supports back office as well as accounting functions.

Module Features
  • Paperless invoices with historical data backup
  • Predefined customer rates for each customer
  • Consolidated Invoice Reports
  • Automatic emails alert about rate not updated, invoices with difference, etc.
  • Track demurrages of each trip.
  • Proper record on pending approvals
  • Multiple-language invoices
  • Manage credit and debit notes
Module Benefits
Go Digital
  • Eliminate paper works through digital invoicing
  • Transparency & control through centralized invoice process
  • Alerts on incorrect payment transactions
  • Eliminate invoicing errors and reduce revenue leakage
Reduce revenue leakage through proper financial accounting
  • Reduced manipulations in invoicing procedures
  • Get visibility on outstandings and track pending invoices
  • Improve customer satisfaction through structured invoicing methodologies

Looking for efficient logistics management software with a good invoice management module? Our experts will guide you on what is the best possible solutions for your company. 

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