Winning customers in logistics

logistics customer portal software for competitive advantage, avoiding risk

Competitive Advantage, Avoid Risk, Emotions

We learned about how you can enhance your customer delivery services while gaining profits in the previous post. But how can it act as a competitive advantage for your company and reduce risk at the same time?

We will tell you how!

Competitive Advantage 

logistics customer Portal software adds to your competitive advantage in the following manner: –

Adds convenience: – Offering convenient services like shipping companies would differentiate your company from others in the market. It would also attract more customers and retain the present one.

Feedbacks: – Customers will be able to freely express their opinions about your services without any biases. It would add to customer’s happiness as they will feel their opinion matters to the company. You will also get to know your customers’ pain points while using your services and improve on them. 

Enhanced Transparency: – One of the oldest problems residing in the African logistics market is transparency! With the customer portal, from the quotation request to the final delivery, every process would be visible to the customer. Hence, it enhances transparency for your customers. 

Avoid Risk in logistics business with logistics portal software

No more losing out on customers due to long queues. Since customers won’t have to stay in long lines for getting the tracking information, container-related information, or other shipment-related information. They could simply log in to the portal and get the order-related information along with invoice details and a map view of their shipment. 

The issue of employees mistakenly making errors while updating the status-related information manually would also be resolved with the portal, as data would automatically get populated in the logistics portal software. 

Emails and WhatsApp messages regarding tracking orders would be significantly declined as customers could get all the required information through the self-service portal. Hence, the possibility of missing out on an important email will be reduced. 

Emotional aspects in deploying logistics portal software

For the Service Provider:

The headache of seeing your inbox filled with emails regarding tracking details, information regarding containers, etc., will be eliminated with the portal. Hence you will be able to dedicate more time towards other critical strategic operations and decision-making processes. 

Employees won’t have to do the monotonous task of running the calls all day addressing the customer queries regarding order tracking. Instead, they could focus on more important tasks, which would keep them energetic and motivated, enhancing their productivity.

For your customers: –

Your customer can access the order/invoice-related information from anywhere globally at any time without having to wait for office hours or waiting in long queues. It will make your customer independent and help you serve them better. 

Since petty queries will be resolved by the logistics portal software, your employees will be able to focus on more critical complaints, increasing the response rate to customer issues. A customer would be delighted to see his complaints being addressed at the earliest possible.

Build a competitive advantage for your logistics company while avoiding risks and enhancing your employee’s and customer’s satisfaction level with the self-service Customer Portal in logistics.  

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