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Understand the advantages of deploying our integrated logistics software with the help of freight management solutions, combining with the power of  Management Information System. Single point Operational Control, Fleet tracking, warehouse inventory tracking, forward and backward integration services. The solution also provides cargo tracking, HR Management & Payroll modules.

Logistics software advantages

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Backed by over 2 decades of product engineering expertise

Handing 4 products, 500+ customers in the Asia Pacific region and Africa. We have the best practices to ensure that our freight management solutions are in sync with what the industry needs. Ripples-FMS integrated logistics software has close to three decades of software development history behind and been a pioneer in adopting new technologies from time to time.  Our onsite team will ensure your implementation process runs smoothly. Our logistics software advantages include a dedicated support team that will make sure that you are well aided in operations management at each juncture.

Logistics 4.0 – Integrated logistics software

Our logistics management software is Logistics 4.0 ready. Our technology will help to leverage on providing value-added services to your customers who are in manufacturing, warehousing and, distribution industries. Our logistics software advantages include functions that enable customers to achieve improved supply chain visibility clients, facilitating just in time inventory, reducing wastage and gaining full operational control. Besides, you can also achieve accurate monitoring of production units, reduce cargo theft, claims, etc.

Captures 360 degrees of your logistics business

We no longer live in an island of information. With finance and operations as central to your business, our offerings are completely integrated to ensure no duplication happens. Our packaged logistics solution ensures that all your management requirements are met with at most ease. Total operations control is one of our major offerings as part of the ERP package and you can say goodbye to cluttered Excel sheets. Overall operations management can be easily achieved thanks to the proper capturing of all crucial entities in the logistics and transportation sector. Freight management solutions also include modules such as HR Management & Payroll, cargo tracking, etc.

Implementation and support team in East Africa, Asia Pacific

We have a team of knowledge engineers who can provide on-site training, installation, and implementation. We also do detailed system study at your premises to understand the gaps in your existing software system. Our dedicated team of engineers has handled off-shore site installations for more than a decade now. 

Internet of things powered cargo tracking and monitoring

New generation internet age logistics !!. Wireless technologies enable the integration of remote monitoring of cargo, people, fleet and storage spaces. Correlate driver behavior and truck performance for the optimal fleet. Track your trucks anytime, anywhere with the help of our 2G-4G based solutions to improve supply chain visibility. Correlate your driver’s behavior with vehicle performance. Track and monitor the condition of your cargo, especially perishable and cold-chain ones. Warehouse inventory monitoring solutions to prevent misplacement, abuse, and theft of high-value cargo.

Robust software architecture and fail-safe database technology

With the help of modern, open-source tools such as Python and robust frameworks like Django, we ensure that your investment in technology stands protected for years. Providing open interfaces to payment gateways and other third-party applications for warehouse inventory tracking etc. without vendor lock-in. The open-source technology also ensures much-needed flexibility in the overall functionality of the software. Our team can also successfully integrate any third-party API with our application. The periodic backup process ensures that your data is safe and secure.

Automatic synchronization of transaction data from branches

It is no longer worry about disconnected systems in a multi-location, multi-branch scenario. The central repository in our fleet management system ensures data availability head office to monitor and have control over branch operations. Even if your branch is spread across multiple geographical locations it is easy to synchronize the data, all thanks to the cloud-based technology. 

The user access will be restricted based on their designation and roles. HR Management & Payroll of each branch will be handled separately. The summary of data from all your branches can be visualized in a single dashboard. Check the logistics software versions Our freight management solutions can give logistics and transportation company administrators great insights into the performance of each branch and bring total operational control. 

Accurate & timely reports can ensure that actions are taken against all pending issues swiftly. Read our logistics software deployment case studies

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