Productive Multi-Modal Transportation system

Multi-Modal Transportation Management in ASEAN countries In trade logistics, it is important to have professionally managed transportation systems in place. Generally, shipping costs are higher in long-distance trades.  Multi-modal transportation management concept was first developed in Western Europe.  Cost-effective “port-port”, “door-to-door”, “yard-yard” movement of cargo are facilitated through a single transport operator. Asian countries were late … Read more Productive Multi-Modal Transportation system

Centralized Fleet Management

Major Challenges Faced  One of the major challenges for any transportation and logistics company is the effective management of its owned fleet. These days fleet management and truck monitoring  are not just limited to vehicle details entry and normal GPS based tracking. New-age technologies such as vehicle telematics, help transportation companies get a real-time account … Read more Centralized Fleet Management

Logistics 4.0

In the supply chain logistics sector, one of the main challenges is the digitization of the supply chain in order to optimize time, tasks and investments. In fact, longer distances, shorter lead times, fluctuating quantities depending on the period, are forcing surface logistics companies to take the shift in logistics 4.0. However, as this sector is complex because … Read more Logistics 4.0

Reduce Transit Delays at the border

One of the major pain points that any logistics and transportation industry face is the delay faced in cross-border clearance. They would ideally want to reduce transit delays where possible to improve customer service. Each cross-border transit is subjected to local and international regulations. Whenever cargo arrives in a particular country, be it for transit … Read more Reduce Transit Delays at the border

SunLine​ Zambia goes live

China is said to be front-runner in technology and innovation. From your phone to almost every single electronic item that you use in your daily life has a Chinese manufactured component inside it. United Trillions Zambia (UTZ), a division of reputed Chinese group, Sun Line International Logistics recently approached us for a logistics software solution … Read more SunLine​ Zambia goes live

Replace MS Excel with a logistics ERP solution?

Trust me, we all love to hate Microsoft excel, don’t we? The tool has been of some use for all of us at some point of our careers. Although I have never used Excel to its full potential (Does anybody know its full potential, perhaps not), it has done the job for us most of … Read more Replace MS Excel with a logistics ERP solution?

Inventory Control in Logistics Operations

Accurate Inventory Management & Control Logistics companies, regardless of its size or type always find inventory control and management as an extremely complex process. It is not just about arranging your inventory items in your warehouses, stores or workshops. The process starts right from its acquisition. Purchased or transit components are put into shelves, bins … Read more Inventory Control in Logistics Operations