Logistics software success stories

Presenting our freight logistics ERP software deployment success stories across East Africa, India, and Asia Pacific regions. We provide warehouse automation, Management Information Systems, fleet management, & cargo tracking software for achieving cost savings and logistics operational excellence for these regions. 

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J&J Transports, Mozambique

Supporting for 8 years now. Among the largest logistics providers in the East Africa region, with a fleet of 1500+ trucks plying to many countries in the region. Provided fleet management software with thick client + cloud-hosted solutions for operations, finance, claims management, workshop, stores, human resources, warehouse management, and customer rate management. A dedicated on-site team of project managers and developers.

TCM Transportes, Mozambique

We recently implemented an integrated web-based logistics management solution for a leading logistics and transportation provider in Africa with the support of a local system integrator. The client has more than two hundred trucks in their fleet and operates across various parts of Africa. Optimizing logistics operations, some of the modules implemented include HR, Inventory, Finance, warehouse management modules. IOT based solutions are being implemented to create a smart and connected logistics network for achieving operational excellence.

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Sun Line Logistics, Zambia

Sun Line International Logistics, a Chinese pioneer in Logistics and Transportation recently approached us for a fleet management software for their African division, United Trillions Zambia. Currently operates around 100 trucks in and around Zambia. Operations, HR, Workshop Inventory are some of the main modules targeted for achieving logistics operational excellence.

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Sharma Transport Company

Truck and luxury bus operator with a huge Volvo fleet carrying passengers. The payload also consists of consumer goods. We provided end to end solutions for booking, delivery, and accounting resulting in cost savings.

ABT Parcel services

Over 500 branches across India, we take the credit of building their first, fully networked consignment booking, dispatch, delivery, transshipment, and goods reconciliation software in the year 1995 for ABT Parcel. Provided great improvements in operations, back office, accounts, and workshops. Brought about real cost savings. We did a technology transfer and their in-house department takes care of maintenance.

Kerala Roadways Pvt. Ltd

Our first logistics software case studies. Supporting the client for over 20 years now with an efficient fleet management solution. The central repository of transactions such as bookings, delivery, dispatch, transshipment, and central audit. 200+ branches across India for cost savings. 24 x 7 operations. Dedicated help desk and development team.

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