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Ripples-FMS, logistics solutions provider East Africa, Botswana, Rwanda, Asia Pacific regions

Established in the year 1991, SA group of companies with Ripples-FMS being a specialized Logistics software solutions provider to large and mid-sized freight forwarding, warehousing & supply chain logistics companies in the Asia Pacific and East Africa regions. We have been providing logistics management solutions to countries like Mozambique, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania & Botswana.

We work closely with our clients, by taking proactive feedback and incorporating industry trends and best practices. Our dynamic team comprises of top-notch engineering and management graduates from leading institutions across India.

Logistics Software Expertise

Logistics solutions provider - Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana​

With direct presence in Singapore & Rwanda and onsite presence of implementation engineers in Mozambique, Rwanda, Botswana, Kenya, and Zambia, Ripples-FMS is able to provide customized logistics management solutions to meet the growing needs of the industry.


Backed by product engineering & implementationion

We offer on-premise and cloud-hosted software versions for the logistics industry-related problems. From managing a smart fleet, automated warehouse, 360-degree customer portal, and integrated accounting and inventory management modules.

As a logistics software solutions provider having 20+ years of industry experience, we manage the Information Technology needs of some of the largest and leading names in the East Africa region.

With a research and development team based in India, we build futuristic solutions around warehouse automation, indoor positioning, cold chain monitoring & fleet management by incorporating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence methodologies.

Ripples-FMS Research & Development team


Recent news from Ripples-FMS

  • Hosts Dell EMC APAC Webinar on smart warehouses, logistics and smart factories
  • Signed partnership with Omron to deliver Indoor Air quality sensor modules on a mesh network for warehouses & factories
  • Signed MOU with Softbank Japan for the supply of environmental monitoring solutions in warehouses
  • Signed deal with Sunline logistics for the supply of logistics ERP solution.
  • Signed contract with Sunpharma for the installation of healthcare solutions across 50 locations


Africa & APAC

Our integrated solutions available for freight forwarding, logistics, and warehousing companies in Botswana, Rwanda, Kenya, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia

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