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Logistics Webinars January 2021

Ripples-FMS logistics webinar - smart warehouse inventory tracking, indoor air quality, November 2020


Warehouse Digital twin

Our Digital Twin solutions for warehouse shop floor workflow monitoring. Easy to deploy technology to gain insights on the movement of people, inventory & equipment.

Date – 7 th January 2021

Time – 11.00 am South Africa Standard Time

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The trends, patterns and recurring issues in the logistics and transportation industry can be discussed using by attending our logistics webinar. The latest technologies such as advanced warehouses of the future, tracking & monitoring, logistics  platform, eCommerce logistics etc. will also be topics in upcoming webinars. The logistics and transportation industry is always thriving for operational excellence.  They want to optimize their expenditure and reduce associated business risks to the minimum.

From our three decades of experience in delivering freight management software , we bring the domain expertise to help you meet the challenges. Our associates and peers can provide you with business insights and give you tips on how to achieve operational excellence through our logistics platform.

Upcoming Webinars

Enhancing Customer Experience

Customer experience encompasses every aspect of a company’s offering—the quality of customer care, of course, but also the way you offer your service features, ease of use, and reliability. Customer satisfaction is essentially the culmination of a series of customer experiences or, one could say, the net result of the good ones minus the bad ones. Based on our 3 decades of logistics industry experience, we have understood that the customers desire responsive, engaging and easy-to-use experiences across all touch-points. 

What does your customer expectations in these tough times? Moreover, How well are you equipped in ensuring customer satisfaction in such adverse business conditions?

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Past Webinars

How to achieve operational excellence in logistics

Aired On: Tuesday, 7 April, 2020.  2 PM CAT


The emphasis of this logistics webinar was on how to bring operational excellence in logistics and transportation industry. Topics discussed were how to bring clarity into your logistics operations, control the malpractices, streamline your finances, keeping your customers happy and many such challenges you face day in day out.

The webinar was jointly hosted by Jith Thindiyil, Project Manager at Ripples FMS & Yogesh Nathan who is the business head of East Africa Operations, Ripples IOT


There are many ways to achieve operational excellence and the webinar focused on strategies coined by our experts that can help in your business’s growth in an ever-changing industry. Useful tips were given on how to control the malpractices especially by configuring software masters correctly, also handling multi-branch financial transactions, employee performances, and focus on enhancing customer expectation. The topic would also focus on the effective utilization of your trucks and bringing in single point operational excellence & control.  Q&A section were conducted where the participants talked about their pain points and concerns related to the logistics and transportation business

Smart Logistics Solutions

Aired On: Thursday, 23 April, 2020.  2 PM CAT


The webinar was all about advanced smart technology solutions for the logistics, supply chain & warehousing industry. Right from production floor tracking to live in-transit condition monitoring to improving asset visibility and optimization of the warehouse spaces, industry pain points and use cases were discussed in detail during this webinar

The webinar was jointly hosted by Fahim Thimoor, Sales Manager at Ripples FMS & Yogesh Nathan who is the business head of East Africa Operations, Ripples IOT


Our Smart Logistics Solutions at it’s core is an easily integratable, completely wireless indoor tracking & positioning solution that would enable optimization of every node in your supply chain.

  • Ensure complete supply chain transparency throughout every node in the supply chain starting from manufacturing to distribution and warehousing and all the way to final customers associated with wholesalers and retailers linked to your supply chain
  • Best practices that can be adopted in order reduce your costs across various operations associated with different nodes in the supply chain
  • Techniques that can help to improve productivity and internal efficiency by implementing state of the art Industry 4.0 practices
  • Enhance your client’s customer experience

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