Managing rental equipment

Improve accountability, reduce theft & abuse

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The world is moving towards the OPEX model as far as capital expenses are concerned. In the consumer space, companies such as AirBnB, Uber, etc have made their mark in providing high quality, affordable services with the help of digital media technologies. In the logistics & transportation industry, managing rental equipment is a big challenge. Apart from tracking the rented machines, the solution should measure utilization and have an alerting mechanism that helps in reducing theft of the equipment. 

In recent times, we are witnessing 3PL operators providing smart warehousing facilities, whereby customers can utilize the storage facilities on a need basis, thereby eliminating huge expenses on setting up warehouses and related infrastructure. These facilities also have implemented smart logistics for indoor tracking of cargo inventory. Logistics equipment rental made easy. Now it is possible to easily track the location, utilisation, movement, working environment and staff information, besides fuel management of trucks

Equipment rental in the logistics industry is also gaining momentum, whereby companies can hire for short term to eliminate the need to spend on capital equipment, reduce manpower, totally do away with repair and maintenance aspects for specialized equipment such and cranes, forklifts, trailers, etc.

For logistics equipment rental companies, it is important to have integrated software that will provide the following information such as ;

  • The current GPS location of the rented equipment for reducing theft
  • The manpower supplied along with rented equipment
  • Measure utilisation hours of the rented equipment
  • The operating environment of the logistics equipment rented out
  • The movement of the equipment within the rented premises
  • Information on potential abuse of rented logistics equipment
  • Workshop & Maintenance of equipment
  • Reducing theft of equipment
  • Manage equipment operator training & document uploads

Our logistic equipment rental solution includes both hardware and software components that provide an integrated view for improved measurement and control of high-value capital equipment. The browser enabled software has the required functions to track the location and other parameters at intervals of 10 minutes.

managing rental equipment

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