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Full-fledged Logistics and transport management information system inclusive of Separate information dashboard for transportation& logistics, Business Analytics & Deep Learning, P&L reports – trip wise and many more..

Every day, a logistics management administrator would spend through a whole set of reports and records, both physical and electronic ones. These days though most professionals prefer a paperless office system. Logistics and transport management information system helps them to summarize, evaluate, analyze and authenticate data from all departments. These data can be used for great insights and help the management take better business decisions. All of these functionalities is difficult to be managed by a spreadsheet software like excel.

Challenges Faced

  • Inefficient keeping of records
  • Untimely reporting of Issues
  • Lack of accurate information
  • Short of clarity in common reports
  • Incorrect data used for decision making
  • Inability to forecast trends

transport management information system

So what all are the so called important analytical information we can get from a transport management information system? Firstly there should be a separate MIS for transportation and logistics operations. This is important as it won’t mix up key operation parameters.  An automated transportation and logistics system should be able to align with company’s operations flow & growth plans. It should also cater orders spread across different geographical locations. The logistics tool should also be able to meet changing demands of the industry

Here are few of the important points an effective transport management information system should provide
  • Better operational control tools
  • Analyzing breakdowns and accidents in detail
  • Tonnage performance review
  • Client engagement methodologies
  • Current industry trends
  • Forecasting trends
  • One click integrated info
  • Trip wise profit and loss report
  • Metrics for continuous improvement
  • Visibility of shipment data

Ripples-FMS MIS Module

transport management information system
transport management information system
transport management information system
transport management information system

With Ripples-FMS you can get ready access to all the above parameters. Our full-fledged and integrated logistics dashboard provides accurate snapshot of your business. Dashboards can be configured user level wise and can provide separate reports based on the same.  So what are you waiting for..

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