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Getting adapted to COVID disruption is an extreme challenge faced by today’s freight forwarding, logistics and transport companies. These organizations need to work at breakneck speeds and have effective Logistics MIS / Management Information Systems in place to analyze and draw actionable insights from operations, financial, and market data, to retail clients, build new business models around eCommerce logistics, Farm to fork & smart warehouses.

Ripples FMS offers a full-fledged transportation and logistics management information system for the logistics business analysis. The module separate MIS dashboards for transportation & logistics operations, business intelligence reports

Ripples FMS Logistics Management Information System (MIS)

Challenges Faced

It is very important to have an information system in place to enable continuous dialogue between logistics & transportation business insights with its decision-makers. As per our market research, we concluded that today’s logistic managers spent more than 2 hours daily collecting, analyzing and summarizing business insights across various logistic departments. Moreover, logistic analysis in excel spreadsheets results in non-standardized report summarizations, late, incomplete and poor reporting to top management. In a quarterly or yearly business summarization, assessment of logistics performance metrics & KPIs and comparison with previous year data is very difficult. Ripples FMS logistics and transport management information system is equipped with real-time logistics analytics and quick reporting capabilities covering point of origin to point of consumption. The integrated system aids decision-makers to identify the weakest links in the supply chain and initiate cost-effective actions.

logistics management information system MIS dashboards logistics business analysis business intelligence

Module Features

  • Comprehensive logistics business analysis
  • Logistics and transportation dashboards with a well interactive interface
  • Aggregate, analyze, validate and display logistic business data
  • Key figures on fleet management, delivery routes & driver performance
  • Key metrics on warehouse and shopfloor parameters.
  • Standardized easy to read logistics reports
  • Comparison of present and previous company performance
  • Flexible periodic comparisons – weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Revenue and tonnage performance analysis
  • Trip wise profit and loss reports
  • Truck breakdowns and accident analysis
  • Customizable information dashboard as per logistic business requirement
  • Insights on logistics industry trends
  • Drag and drop functionality for individual logistics analysis

Module Benefits

Get Deep Logistic Insights
  • Visualize and optimize logistics operations through a summarized dashboard
  • Advanced data analysis to identify trends and patterns in your business
  • Round the clock visibility into business
  • Provides accurate data for business decision making
  • Helps to easily trace operational/ financial pain areas and take corrective action
Make Better Business Decisions
  • Provides information to top management to help formulate strategic business decisions 
  • Better competence in the logistics industry through data-based decisions 
  • Continuous improvement by configuring  decision parameters relevant to your company

Logistics Business Intelligence for Accurate Decisions

Who wins in the COVID world all depends on the success of the strategic plans adopted by the companies. An information system providing key logistic figures is crucial to make a better tactical and strategic decision, for the benefits of the logistics & transportation companies and their customers. 

An automated transportation and logistics system should be able to align with the company’s operations flow and growth plans. It should also cater to orders spread across different geographical locations.  Ripples-FMS logistics management information system is a one-shot solution that caters to the changing business intelligence demands of the logistics industry.  

So what are you waiting for ?? Call us for more details and information on Ripples-FMS logistics MIS solutions.


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