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MIS Reports & Analytics​

Full-fledged Logistics and transport management information system inclusive of Separate MIS dashboards for transportation& logistics, Business Analytics & Deep Learning, P&L reports – trip wise, business intelligence and many more..

Every day, it is a tedious task for a logistics business decision-maker or top management to analyze and summarize data and extract accurate business intelligence & insights. A lot of time is spent on integrating the data across various logistics departments.   All of these functionalities can be difficult to be managed by spreadsheet software like excel

An efficient logistics and transport management information system a one-shot solution that helps to summarize, evaluate, analyze and authenticate data from all departments. These data can be used for great insights and help the management make better business decisions.

Ripples-FMS Management Information System (MIS) 

With Ripples-FMS, you can get summarized info of all the logistics & transportation parameters. Our full-fledged and integrated logistics dashboard provides an accurate snapshot of your business. MIS dashboards can be configured user level wise and can provide separate reports based on the same.

Module Features

  • Graphical dashboards with interactive interface
  • Aggregate, analyze, validate and display
    business data.
  • Comparison of present and previous company performance
  • Revenue & tonnage performance analysis
  • Trip wise profit and loss report
  • Insights on industry trends
  • Review contribution margins
  • Truck breakdowns & accident analysis
  • Flexible periodic comparisons - weekly, monthly & yearly
  • Drag & drop functionality for individual analysis
  • Client engagement methodologies
  • Multiple themes for enhanced user experience

Module Benefits

Get Deep Insights

  • Summarized logistics operations dashboard
  • Visualize and optimize logistics operations through advanced data analysis
  • Identify trends and patterns in your business
  • Accurate data for business decision making

Make Better Business Decisions

  • Logistics industry parameters for continuous improvement
  • Round the clock visibility into business
  • Configure decision parameters relevant to your company


Net Contribution Margin
Logistics management information system - Ripples-FMS
Logistics MIS tonnage performance analysis reports - Ripples-FMS

An automated transportation and logistics system should be able to align with the company’s operations flow & growth plans. It should also cater to orders spread across different geographical locations. The logistics analysis software should act as a business intelligence tool and also be able to meet the changing demands of the industry

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