Logistics visibility platform

Every industry is now a technology company. Going digital is imperative for every industry to survive the economic downturn that has taken place after the pandemic. Here  are set of smart modules on our logistics platform that will help get started with your digital transformation journey. Our team of technology and management experts can help design logistics platform development and portal software solutions for a fully digitally enabled business, to optimise your resources, reduce operating costs and enhance customer experience through a secure logistics visibility platform.

Logistics yard safety solutions

Workplace safety
Ripples-FMS - Smart warehouse logistics, logistics visibility platform development
Logistics & warehousing self service portal
Self service portal
Logistics eCommerce solutions with integrated warehouse
Logistics eCommerce
Smart warehouse
Warehouse monitoring
MIS in logistics management
Management Information

New generation logistics visibility platform solutions that help supply chain logistics, freight forwarding, and transport companies adopt the digital era. Modules can be installed independently or as an integrated solution to meet your needs as the organization grows. Choice of standard and customized deployments, range of payment gateway options such as Razorpay, mPesa, etc to ensure timely invoicing and receipts.

Ripples-FMS Farm to fork logistics platform development & software solutions
Farm to fork logistics
Helpdesk ticketing system
Logistics Knowledge management
Knowledge management chatbots

Digitally secure web applications, customer centric project management skills, dedicated development and support team members with expertise in the supply chain logistics industry, timely, well oiled help desk systems are some of our capabilities worth mentioning.

Advanced eCommerce solutions with integrated warehouse inventory tracking, cold chain monitoring, workforce safety, touchless monitoring, productivity and safety management. Our solutions also include a full fledged modules for  workshop inventory, warehouse management system and fleet monitoring

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