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There has been a sharp increase in cargo thefts across Europe over the past few years.  It is estimated that some 200,000 cases of cargo theft have been recorded since 2011, causing a loss of over 8 billion EUR. According to the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), the number of cargo theft incidents recorded in TAPA´s Incident Information Service in 2013 rose by 66% compared to the previous year – from 689 incidents in 2012 to 1145 in 2013. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many thefts across the EMEA region remain unreported. Generally, Europe struggles with official freight statistics issued by governments and law enforcement entities.

Countries such as The Netherlands and Belgium have put some effort into collecting such data but there are areas, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, where cargo theft information is very hard to find. Embedded anti-theft tracking devices for cargo protection When shipping goods in or to Europe, there are a number of steps companies can take to reduce the risk. Drivers should know how to identify locations that are at high risk for cargo theft so they can avoid stopping there. Whenever a vehicle stops moving, it becomes vulnerable.

Businesses also need to work with their freight forwarders and logistics companies to make sure best practices are followed. In addition, companies should take certain precautions to protect their cargo. One step is to use hard-sided trailers for high-value goods that can be secured with locks and seals. Corporate logos and descriptive names on exterior packaging should also be eliminated. They only encourage thieves by making it easy to identify big-ticket items.

Another precaution is to use embedded cargo tracking devices. By placing these devices in the cargo, shippers can quickly locate and retrieve stolen items before the thieves ever realize that the goods were being monitored. Businesses should also consider purchasing inland and ocean marine insurance to protect themselves from losses caused by the theft of goods being transported over land, air or sea.

The anti-theft detection sensor tags can be easily embedded in shipments to ensure cargo protection, monitoring the environment and tracking their location between warehouses and trucks. The smart sensors transmit data on to our logistics software solution for realtime tracking, seamless roaming information between trucks, warehouses, factories, and customer sites. Easy to deploy – Under 10 minutes.

No configuration needed With a 10-year battery life, the signals last long enough to track stolen cargo. Sensors will store generated data internally for up to 3 months. Low maintenance and zero human intervention needed Alerts on the smartphone when cargo is opened or moved and these parameters can be monitored on the IOT logistics platform.

Also tracks temperature and humidity Call us for an online demo on how our affordable cargo protection & theft prevention solutions can save you thousands of dollars, besides improving the supply chain visibility.