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Plan your limited IT budgets accordingly, implement farm to fork & Agri logistics and freight forwarding solutions in a phased manner, thus offering flexibility & guaranteed using the well-designed logistics platform & ERP software versions to overcome long drawn business challenges.

Logistics software versions

Choose from  Gold, silver & bronze categories

Choice of on-premise and cloud installed logistics platform for freight forwarding, farm to fork & agri logistics,  online training, report building, software customization are also available according to your requirements.

Our domain experts and skilled software trainers will be spending time with your operational staff to install, train & implement the software solution. Choose from a one time, rental, or leased payment model.

logistics management software East Africa, Asia Pacific. Rental, lease options

Gold Edition

This comprehensive package covers all aspects needed for a logistics company to run its operations. Bundled with 250 hours of onsite training, software customization and choice of cloud or on-premise hosting. A bundle of  50 insightful MIS reports is included in this version. The solution also enables digital transformation in logistics to provide value-added services such as eCommerce fulfillment, warehouse optimization, production scheduling, cargo tracking & fleet monitoring so that every phase of your logistics operation would be transparent, efficient and cost-effective.

Silver Edition

For agri logistics companies wanting the best of ownership and rental model, we offer the silver edition. Cloud-hosted solution with initial setup costs, followed by monthly software rental based on the number of trucks that are operational. Inclusive of data conversion from existing logistics packages, 25 logistics MIS reports, 100 hours of online training & implementation. eCommerce and last mile fulfilment options.

Bronze Edition

A great, unmatched bundle for logistics companies to get started with smart automation. To reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, greater controls, and transparency. This version is cloud-hosted, bundled with a set of 10 standard reports and online training and implementation. An Online customer enquiry portal is included in this version.  Not sure which version to buy? We suggest you engage our industry consultants for a logistics industry gap analysis.

Reliability, stability, and support

The integrated solutions had undergone rigorous tests and, have been deployed in large installations with 2000+ operational trucks, and our clients continue to reap the resource optimisation benefits. Agri logistics management companies can add various logistics software modules as your business expands and grows.

Our cloud-ready logistics software versions are engineered by logistics professionals with 20+ years of experience in building complex business applications in retail, healthcare and banking industries to suit the needs of enterprise and mid-sized logistics companies in Africa & Asia Pacific regions.

 Call us to know more about the logistics software versions and the pricing for Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda & Djibouti) & Asia Pacific regions (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam Indonesia & Thailand) Read our logistics blog

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