Supply chain visibility

 Tracking & monitoring of cargo
Supply chain visibility, logistics software solutions
New generation logistics software, tracking tags, 2G & 4G connectivity for improving supply chain visibility. Reduce the costs associated with claims. Increase efficiency in logistics yard. Provide self-service technology to your customers and reduce the cost of business back-office operations.
Affordable supply chain visibility solutions
  • Implement just in time inventory
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • No wiring needed to set up the infrastructure
  • Easy to deploy and commission
Tracking technology for supply chain visibility

With the advent of wireless sensors that run on batteries for years, cargo tracking technology has now become common among logistics and supply chain distribution companies. 

  • Battery lives up to 10 years with hourly transmission
  • Integrated with Freight Logistics Software
  • Water, dust, and tamper proof tracking tags for logistics
GSM for supply chain monitoring

SIM enabled modules now allow cargo / individual pallets loaded inside trucks and containers to be monitored at scheduled basis – whether being dispatched by surface transport or ship.

  • Tracking raw materials & finished goods – pallets, prefabricated etc
  • Easily locate goods inside a warehouse
  • In transit tracking – reducing theft and abuse of cargo
  • Global tracking of goods inside shipping containers
  • Indoor tracking for warehouses, factories
  • Outdoor tracking for logistics yards
  • GPS location for outdoor dispatch monitoring
  • Track the location of pallets within the logistics yard
  • Monitor transit of pallets from the warehouse to distribution & retail centers
  • Use of GSM technology for tracking of fleet and cargo across geographies

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