Warehouse Inventory tracking

Warehouse inventory tracking, indoor location tracker

Warehouse inventory, productivity & efficiency

  • Locate inventory within warehouse with 2.5 metre accuracy
  • Divide warehouse area into multiple zones
  • Analyze time spent in each warehouse zone
  • Define key performance matrices based on time spent
  • Improve space utilization and unloading functions
With the help of low-cost Bluetooth sensor tags attached to pallets or cargo loaded inside trucks and stored at warehouses, the tags will ensure an automatic warehouse inventory count and give a report on their presence with 5 meter accuracy using our Warehouse Indoor inventory tracking solutions. The details will be available in our logistics ERP software, which can be a helpful measure to count the stock level at every touch-point – from dispatch to transit and delivery.

Our logistics software will help in reducing wrong shipments and the theft of valuable cargo in developing countries, besides monitoring temperature, humidity, and other environmental aspects of valuable cargo. Warehouse inventory tracking solution can help in pallet tracking inside production areas

Monitoring cargo across multiple warehouses

We will install low-powered Bluetooth devices at each of your warehouses or transit centers and the gateway to which a Bluetooth tag reports, indicates which warehouse location the cargo or pallet is associated with.

Grouping of these inventory pallet counts will help in understanding the overall stock position through our logistics software.

This process will save cost in inspection, reduce insurance claims, avoid mishandling of cargo packets,  helps ease inventory counting and, also reduce the efforts involved in warehouse logistics tracking.

Rented Equipment at logistics yards

Monitoring cargo, equipment, and inventory entering leaving the logistics yard based upon whether it is in range of our gateway or not. Sometimes high-value equipment is put to continuous use without proper maintenance, which leads to frequent breakdowns or lack of scheduled repairs and replacement of consumables.

Warehouse Pallet indoor location tracking

Knowing where pallets were dropped off and by which truck or container. The truck will contain a 4G SIM-powered gateway device, and when the tag attached to the consignment is ‘lost’ (out of range of the gateway) – the pallet has been dropped off at this delivery location. Or in a worse case, either a pallet is stolen or misplaced in warehouse inventory tracking.

Truck entry and exit in logistics yards

Automatic scanning of pallets loaded onto the truck at the logistics yards is possible through logistics software. Our battery-powered gateway device would be attached to the truck and a Bluetooth tag on each pallet. This can work with owned and hired  / contract trucks without the need for any wiring.

Driver tracking within the yard

Sometimes the driver associated with your truck can be found missing. Tracking of the driver within the logistics yard can help in audit and reporting.

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