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Operator – Hello, Good morning from Smart logistics LLC, Kigali, Rwanda. How can I help you

Prospect – I need to book 25 sq.mtr of your temperature-controlled facility for a week. We need to see the space & want to keep track of the gourmet dairy cheese we export regularly to South Africa.  We also need to remotely monitor the inventory, temperature & possible damages due to abusive handling. Our customer insists on traceability of the shipments and the final invoice payment is reduced in case of deviation from any of the predefined conditions in supply chain visibility.

Operator – No worries, you can visit us anytime between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. Monday through Saturday. We have manual measurement devices, can send your TEXT message on a daily basis.

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Warehouse automation in the next normal

Prospect logs into to the logistics platform to select eCommerce option, The available 25 sq.mtr zones in the warehouse are listed under temperature-controlled, industrial goods, hazardous goods, electronics, pharmaceuticals.

The customer selects a temperature-controlled zone with a constant environment reading, the rental duration of 1 week, add-ons like air quality, humidity & temperature monitoring along with the 10-minute frequency of reporting & individual pallet tracking options into the warehouse eCommerce cart. Makes online payment – Selects drop off time for the cargo. Viola. It’s all done

 Farm to fork monitoring logistics tracking warehouse automation solutions

During the drop off of the cheese, the driver is able to download the order specifications. A docket contains the required tracking tags and the layout map of the booked temperature-controlled zone. The tags are attached to the 10 pallets and stacked in the designated zone. The job has been done, thanks to warehouse automation solutions.

Farm monitoring & eCommerce

Login access is given to the farm which manufactured the gourmet cheese. The end customer, a premium restaurant that is based in South Africa gets a WhatsApp link alert, using which they are able to track the location and storage conditions of what they ordered.


Farm to fork logistics solutions

Welcome to the warehouses of the future. Ripples-FMS enabled logistics platform provides robust and innovative solutions such as logistics eCommerce, smart warehouses, customer portal, farm to fork monitoring to meet the expectations of the new era. to stay relevant in this disruptive logistics business.

Ripples R&D team collaborates with leading names such as Omron, Avnet, and Dell EMC to build these intelligent logistics management solutions.

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