Achieve service excellence. Reduce operating costs. Handle higher business volume. Improve employee productivity

Benefits of Logistics Portal Software


Workshop Managers reported increase in productivity


Reduction in road fines & accidents


The annual Increase in own Truck Utilization


Reduction in insurance claims


Invoice completion in each financial year


Reduction in monthly payroll preparation time

Serving customers across Africa region

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Ripples-FMS | IoT Logistics Management System | Logistics ERP Software

For nearly a decade, we have been hand-holding freight logistics companies in the Africa region to modernize their daily operations through digital transformation solutions –  customer portal, warehouse management, cargo tracking, fleet management, fuel control, workflow automation & secure, back-office work from home systems. 

Freight logistics customer portal solutions with reports to assist internal audits. Tyre rotation & mileage monitoring, Driver expense control. Tyre management, WMS, Authenticate trip documents. Fuel theft detection. Cross-border delays.

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Multi branch & Multi currency handling

Ripples FMS digital logistics can be localized for any language of your choice. Multi-currency supports enables easy cross-border transactions.

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Single Point Logistics Operations Control

Reduce freight forwarding, logistics costs through centralized monitoring & control. Better Truck Utilization. Systemized expense management reducing revenue leakage.

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Port Activities Tracking

Timely submission of documents for clearance. Accurate calculation of taxes & clearance charges. Allocation of trucks and trailers for port pickup through our logistics platform.

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Tyre Management

Tyre theft, tracking through sensor-based solution. Tyre purchase & allocation management. Tyre Rotation & Retread process management.

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Ease of use and deployment.

Our logistics portal solutions team & implementation experts will provide you with hands-on training and onboarding to ensure that all systems are operational using an accelerated deployment model.

Digital add-on modules for warehouse logistics operations

reducing operational costs
MIS analytics
  • Breakdowns and accidents,  tonnage performances,
  • Client engagement and performance,
  • Separate MIS for transportation and logistics and many more.

Warehouse logistics

Consignment booking, proper scheduling and dispatch of trucks in the fleet, manage driver & vehicle expenses for the trip, capturing proof of delivery and many more

Stores & Workshop software

Transfer stocks between branches or eCommerce warehouses, Capture vehicle repair job cards, initiate spare requests against work orders, Generate purchase orders, Stock valuation. 

Online Customer Portal

Logistics portal solutions with Authenticated customer login, information on transit trucks, downloadable documents such as POD, BL, etc. Know invoice & pending payment

Invoice Management software

Define each customer rate, Trip based invoice management, calculate demurrage charges against each trip, approve pending expenses and many more